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The Female Fitness Studio Warrior

In this episode Simon is joined by Christine Matthews, a Mastermind client to discuss her journey from realising she wasn’t doing what she wanted to do, to joining Simon and become a successful fitness business owner. To listen to the podcast on itunes go here.


00:40 – Intro
00:50 – Christine Matthews, one of Simon’s Mastermind clients joins him today.
01:20 – Christine tells her story of how she got started in the fitness business.
03:30 – Christine left her job when she realised that wasn’t what she wanted to do. She wasn’t happy. She started her own gym.
05:00 – In her first year, she followed Simon but didn’t interact. She didn’t have a mentor.
06:15 – Christine talks about getting her first client.
06:50 – Christine talks through her marketing strategy during her first year, and what didn’t work.
07:45 – Christine joined the Chamber of Commerce, and she explains how she used it.
09:20 – Her community is important.
10:40 – Think about who talks to everybody all of the time, like real estate agents.
11:20 – Simon and Christine discuss what makes good networking, and how to network.
13:00 – Christine share why she reached out to Simon and needed a mentor.
15:00 – How did Christine get momentum again, and start growing her business again?
17:10 – Some of the biggest things Christine has learned include learning things about herself that she needed to work on, such as being a control freak, and trusting her trainers.
20:20 – Christine contrasts what she used to do vs what she does now.
21:40 – “I work fewer hours, and get more done.”
22:50 – Simon asks Christine about her time at his Mastermind, and what she learned.
24:00 – “It felt like going from elementry school to getting your PhD.”
26:00 – Christine has become a better leader because of it.
27:00 – If Christine could give her past self some advice, it would be “Give yourself permission to take chances.”
27:55 – Christine shares her advice on hiring people.
30:00 – To find out more about the Mastermind program discussed in this podcast, head to
30:20 – Outro




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