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Your Key Turning Points To Help Others

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It’s the first podcast of 2018, and in this episode Simon talks about key turning points.

01:00 – Intro

01:45 – Have you ever thought about those times where 1 decision can massively change everything?

02:30 – Identifying your key turning points that caused you to have the business you have now?

04:00 – Simon’s key turning points.

04:45 – If you don’t do the things you used to do you will start to feel anxiety and depression.

05:10 – Simon shares the key turning point that brought him to here.

08:25 – Sometimes we put our key turning points to the back our mind or suppress them.

09:30 – Knowing our key turning points allow us to better help others.

12:30 – Simon explains the Key Turning Points Timeline.

13:50 – Meditation can help with this exercise.

15:20 – You can also use the results in your content.

16:45 – Mindmeister is a tool that might help.

17:45 – A new book is coming soon

18:00 – we have a new high performance call over at

19:00 – outro




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