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Meet The 85% Fitness Sales Closer



Simon talks to Liam Britton to find out how he took his fitness business from £5k to over £28k by closing his sales at 85%.

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00:30 – Intro

00:40 –

01:00 – Today’s topic is the most important element of your Fitness business; The sales process.

01:45 – On the phone today is Liam, who’s going to share his amazing sales strategy.

02:25 – Liam shares his journey from a 1-to-1 personal trainer, a boot camp trainer, to opening his first fitness studio.

04:30 – Liam invested with Simon and begun Fit Pro Mastery.

04:50 – Liam went from £5,000/month to £28,500/month.

05:45 – Liam shares his personal story that was holding him back and the things that helped him overcome his problems.

09:35 – Liam worked on his business and got to a place where he could re-invest in himself.

10:15 – If you don’t get the fundamentals right, then you can’t do the things you want to do.

11:00 – Understanding sales was Liam’s most important fundamental basic skill that helped his fitness business.

12:00 – If you are confident in your sales and are then closing more, you can increase your price point.

14:10 – Simon explains the various stages of the sales process.

15:50 – Liam shares his first tip: ‘what to do about people making excuses for not turning up’.

17:50 – Sales is all about trust.

18:40 – Documenting your results is so important.

19:15 – Liam shares his tips for the sales call or consultation.

20:30 – It’s all about finding the lead’s pain – The real reason they want to invest in themselves.

21:45 – Liam says it can be tough and uncomfortable, but it’s important to ask the right questions.

23:00 – It’s also important to build the vision.

25:00 – You need to make the lead understand that your programme will help them reach that vision.

26:00 – Simon and Liam discuss dealing with objections.

26:45 – It can be scary to deal with objection and rejection.

28:00 – Instead of fearing an objection you should look forward to helping someone through their smoke screens.

30:05 – You should be building a report with the lead before they’re even on the phone.

30:55 – Believe in your program!

32:05 – What happens if someone doesn’t invest?

32:25 – You’re never going to close everybody.

33:30 – Keep them on your e-mail lists and contact lists. They might be ready in 6 months.

34:25 – Liam shares his “sales in a nutshell”

35:40 – A special link for training by Simon and Liam to learn more about these sales techniques:

36:00 – Follow Liam on Facebook:

36:30 – Outro.




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