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Top 10 Success Principles of Fitness Studio Owners Part 2

In this episode Simon & Liam continue their discussion around the key success principles that every fitness studio owner needs to know. To listen to the podcast on itunes go here.

00:35 Intro

01:15 If you missed part 1, Click here.

02:30 The majority of successful fitness business owners don’t spend most of their time training clients.

05:20 Trust your guy when hiring people.

06:30 It’s important to become a leader for your team.

07:10 The number 1 interview question to help protect yourself from staff stealing clients.

12:10 The importance of knowing your numbers and looking at the data.

16:10 Your financial intelligence is so critical to define how you grow.

18:35 Successful and happy fitness business owners are practicing self-care and working on mindset.

27:50 You don’t need to be someone else, you just need to be the best you.

29:05 Successful business owners get out of their comfort zone and learn marketing.

30:55 You need the two ‘C’s: Confidence and Consistency.

34:35 Top performing studio owners are amazing leaders and have a strong community.

36:15 The best way to learn leadership is to go and be a leader.

39:45 Your peer group, and the people you surround yourself with, is key to success.

42:35 Outro

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