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How A Staff Member Leaving Boosted This PTs Income By 400%

Epic business transformation stories aren’t just for newbies and start up fitpro business owners. Do you think established PTs can’t up their game and make a massive difference to their income? You need to read about Jeremy Ferry.

Jeremy had been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years. On paper, he had it all: loyal clients, a successful business, his own facility (Pure Performance Fitness Centre in Springfield, Illinois). He could have carried on just as he was. But something wasn’t right. It wasn’t until he lost a key member of staff that he realised what he had to do.

“I’d been a successful freelance PT for five years,” explained Jeremy. “I had a lot of fun and built up enough income to open my own place. The overheads were $3,500 a month, and I was bringing in $3,000-£5,000. Money was a struggle. It was scary to know that one bad month could be the end of it all. It was stressful, and I was in this alone. So I brought on a trainer to help me with the business.”

That staffing decision turned out to be a pivotal moment in Jeremy’s career. But not in the way he’d predicted.

“The income she generated saved the business,” admitted Jeremy. “She had incredible energy and ideas, because she was working with a business coach.”

This sparked Jeremy’s interest in business mentoring. And when his PT left – taking with her the additional $2,000+ dollars a month she was bringing in – he knew what he had to do.

“I started looking online for a business mentor who could help me take my business to the next level,” he said. “I found Simon Lovell through a Google search. We had an initial strategy call, and I just knew it was going to work. I immediately felt that I couldn’t have picked a better business coach!”

Why Established PTs Can’t Get Complacent

After nearly a decade in the industry, and with a popular fitness facility to his name, Jeremy discovered that shit can still happen.

– His PT staff member left, taking $2K a month of income with her

– He had just $4K in the bank and knew he had to invest it 

– He saw how a business coach had helped his staff member

– Business mentoring was the investment which could get his business moving again

“Established business owners often think they have all the answers,” said Jeremy. “The truth is, you don’t. Everybody needs support even after years in the industry. Why struggle by yourself when the help is out there?”

Determined To Keep His Business A Success

Jeremy had seen how successful his fitness facility could be, and he wasn’t prepared to let it fail now. One of the first things Fitpreneurs did for him was shift his mindset.

“I was carrying a lot of fear about what would happen now my staff member had left the business,” he said. “I was afraid of not having the money to pay the bills. Once I stopped listening to that fear, the truth was clear to me. This was a successful business which would continue to thrive. I just had to get the right advice, and take a lot of action.”

How Fear Can Threaten Your Business

Self-doubt and worry can be a real threat for even the most established fitness businesses. Jeremy discovered that business and financial stress made him shut down. “My depression was affecting my work ethic,” he admitted. “Just as I needed to be doing more to save my business, I was spiralling into inaction. I was unproductive, unhappy, and blaming other people instead of owning it. That fear of failing made me reach out to Simon.”

And that’s when things started to change for Jeremy: in his mindset, his business, and his income.

Business Mentoring That’s About More Than Money

Jeremy was about to discover that business mentoring is about mindset, confidence, and action. 

“Fitpreneurs changed my life as well as my business,” he said. “During the mentoring process, I realised I wasn’t living in line with my values. A lot of things changed in my life. 

The 7-Day All Fired Up Program transformed my mindset. Daily meditation helped me centre myself and I can now get in a zone where I am ready to get shit done. This has helped with personal productivity, client results, building a community, branding, and income. It’s been great for my clients as well as for me.”

How Business Mentoring Increased Established Income by 400%

Jeremy was making $3-5,000 a month

July 2016: began his Fitpreneurs journey

End July 2016: switched clients to semi private group training, increased income by $1,000 

August 2016: $9,500

September 2016: $12,000 

October 2016 goal: $15,000

“Fitpreneurs showed me how to get my time and mental energy back,” Jeremy said. “I went from micro managing clients individually, to managing them in a group. I’m pouring less of my mental energy into everything and making better use of my time. I’ve learned how to use systems so everything is more organised and structured.

“Simon gave me the skills and confidence to tell clients what they need from me, rather than letting them just buy sessions.  When you tell people what they need, and how this will help them, it becomes more plausible for them. You are no longer selling a menial service, and can charge more. This approach has help me give more value to my clients.”

Change Begins When You Take Action

The renewed energy at Pure Performance had Jeremy excited to take more action. He had already increased his income by $1,000 by switching his clients from 1-2-1 to small group training. He could wait to see what more could be achieved with the support of a business mentor. 

“My existing clients were feeling part of something special again, and that led to more local referrals,” he said. “But the biggest change happened once I started putting out online content. I’d been in business 6 years and had a huge base to market to, but I’d never seen anything like this before. The leads flowed in like crazy because I was being more real in my content.”

In fact, Jeremy signed up six people just from putting out a couple of Facebook videos. “Sometimes the answer is so easy that you just need to execute it,” he said. “It’s insane to think that’s all I needed to do to get the ball rolling. From there, I started doing more videos and putting my Fitpreneurs plan into action.”

Before Fitpreneurs

Jeremy was delivering 1-2-1 PT, writing workout sessions, designing meal plans

Working 15-20 hours a week

Early mornings and evenings with long gaps in the day

4am – 8pm working days

After Fitpreneurs

Jeremy started selling packages – results not sessions

His pricing, sales, and closing improved dramatically

His hours dropped significantly

He increased his business income from $3K to $12K a month

What Business Looks Like Now For Pure Performance

After 6 years in business, Jeremy has finally learned that business success is not always easy, but it is simple. Like fitness or fat loss, you need the expert guidance and accountability of a mentor to make it happen. But consistent action is the key.

Jeremy’s future plans include:

– Offering gym memberships alongside small group training packages

– Running his 2000 sq ft facility

– Opening a further 1200 sq ft space to train local athletes

– Hiring another trainer

– Working with high school college athletes

– Launching the online part of his fitness business

– Opening a second facility aimed at general population clients

Every Action Makes A Difference

When Jeremy was at his lowest, he suffered from a common fitpro business mindset. “I had talked myself into thinking that any action I could take would be futile,” he admitted. “Perfectionism is a real problem in business. If you think nothing will ever be good enough, you’ll never get started. 

“Fitpreneurs propelled me to take action. Simon taught me to stop thinking about price, and think instead about how I can help clients. It’s not about making money, and this gives me a sense of relief and freedom.”

Reignite Your Passion For The Fitness Industry

Are you jaded and discouraged about running your fitness business? As Jeremy discovered, business mentoring can help you rediscover your passion for your own business. Fitpro mentoring is about much more than setting up in business. It can help even the most long-standing PTs fall back in love with their industry, their business, and their relationship with clients.

Fitpreneurs coaching has helped me be more active in other areas of my life,” said Jeremy. “I wasn’t sure that my personal life was on the right track, so I went through a huge transition. This mentoring taught me how to take action and do the right thing. People don’t put enough emphasis on taking action, then wonder why they’re not successful. It’s simple. But you do have to do it!”

The Expensive Risk Of Inaction

Jeremy’s experience has shown him that unexpected changes can come out the blue to affect your business at any time. “When my business was at risk, I knew I had to invest in someone to help me,” he said. “If you’re not willing to invest in business growth then this isn’t the industry for you. You might think mentoring is a risk, but I think not investing is more of a risk!

“If you think hiring someone to help you is a risk, but carrying on as you are is the better option, that’s where your mistake is! The risk is not investing. The risk is finding a good idea, and then changing your mind. The risk is not taking that step then struggling for years. Inaction is everyone’s worst enemy. Some people will find a reason to do nothing. Don’t regret an opportunity to decided not to take.”

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