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Sharp Swiss Brother & Sister Team Score From $8k To $50k Per Month

David Gil and Noelia had a successful local PT business in Basel, Switzerland, but after 4 years they decided it wasn’t enough. Here’s how David and his sister Noelia harnessed the strengths of their unique partnership… and got global recognition.

“My sister and I had been working with local women for nearly five years,” explained David, “but we always knew we could be doing a lot more. We were doing one-on-one training, plus networking. There was never any problem with leads, and business was fine. But we weren’t doing any specific marketing. Were we letting the business down by not trying harder?”

When A Basic Business Model Stops You Growing

David and Noelia started wondering how different life would be if they learned about marketing, advertising, and branding for this specific industry niche.

“We always knew we had a strong brand,” he said. “I’m a former pro soccer player, and Noelia has a professional ballet background. And of course we are brother and sister, which gives us a strong USP. But the problem was, we didn’t know how to make the most of our brand and get the message out beyond our local area.”

If Your Business Isn’t Scalable, The Brakes Are On

“We realised that we couldn’t go on like this forever, without any systems to scale our business,” said David. “We had big ideas for Eerion – franchises, opening new facilities, perhaps even abroad. But we couldn’t squeeze anything more out of the current business model.”

David and Noelia had good business knowledge, but nothing that was specific to the fitness industry. He realised that’s what they needed: a business mentor with deep knowledge of the fitness world.

“This industry is very specific and has its own dynamic force,” he said. “You need to understand how it really works. Applying basic business knowledge from another industry isn’t enough. We needed to learn more, then combine it with what we already knew, to create a winning formula.”

David discovered Fitpreneurs when he started looking outside Switzerland for international fitness industry mentors.

“I knew what I wanted in a mentor,” said David. “Someone who had found a way to be successful in what we were trying to do, had systemised success, and had a real understanding of the fitness industry. We needed to see evidence of a solid track record in fitness.”

David and Noelia spent weeks networking, making connections, and looking at clues to other people’s success. Their breakthrough call with me happened in December.

“Something happened on that call,” said David. “Simon got right to the heart of our business, and showed a true interest in what we wanted to achieve. He gave me several action points, which helped me instantly. Even with us being out here in Switzerland, I never felt removed from him. I knew investing in Fitpro Mastery was right for us.”

Eerion Business Growth As It Happened

The Eerion duo started Fitpro Mastery in November, and quickly rolled out their high ticket package with the tools and systems they’d learned.

“One specific shift that helped us increase revenue very quickly was shifting from 1-2-1 to semi private arrangements,” David said. “The potential is huge. We started implementing this after our second conversation with Simon.  And now we have it systemised, so it’s there generating revenue and we have more freedom to develop the business. We no longer have to be in the business every day.”

October 2016 (before Fitpro Mastery) $8000 USD

November 2016 (started Fitpro Mastery) $11,000 USD

December $13,000 USD

January 2017 $20,000 USD

Since February, the pair have made a solid $30,000 USD every month.

And in March they added a sold-out seminar to their earnings, taking their monthly income to nearly $50,000 USD.

UPDATE: Since this article was written, David has now reached $50k. See video below from the Fitpreneurs Platinum Mastermind.

“The best thing about this is that we know it’s made our programmes and seminars scalable,” said David. “Before we started Fitpro Mastery, we had a total lack of systems and it was painfully obvious that this was a barrier to growth. Fitpro Mastery has taught us new systems and helped us leverage what we were already doing. Now, we have a good idea of what works for us, and can implement it.

“Once you have your own systems, you have a formula,” he explained. “Everything with our business is on autopilot now, so we can focus on speaking, education, and learning – higher level things we couldn’t do before.”

Get Out Of Your Bubble

As David discovered, one of the great benefits of industry-specific mentoring is the people you meet.

“Once you get into this environment, you get involved with different people,” he said. “It’s not just about becoming more more business savvy. It’s about growing your entire business world. Since starting Fitpro Mastery, we attend more seminars, have more business connections, and we are creating a peer group of different experts all of whom teach us different things. The Fitpro Mastery programme gave us a global network of fitpros, which is very different to being by ourselves in Switzerland. And it benefits our clients, too, because we can bring them the best of the global fitness industry.”

Sharing experiences on a global level keeps business fresh and exciting for David and Noelia. But that’s not the only benefit for his PT clients. The mindset aspect of our mentoring has enriched his clients’ experiences, too.

“Regular chats with Simon really showed me the importance of mindset for a successful business,” said David. “We swap ideas, and discuss things that would fit well in our own programmes. It has been such a valuable part of the mentoring journey. Some of it even made it into our own high end programme. Coaching will teach you things that you can pass on to your own clients.”

The future is exciting for David and Noelia as they look beyond Switzerland and set their sights on a global business.

“Things look completely different to a year ago,” said David. “Our business is working like a machine, so we can focus our time and energy to reach more people on different levels. There is a lot to do, we really believe the industry need this. So many PTs lack business skills. Good fitness industry mentoring is a must if you want to grow a sustainable business.

“We want to roll our programmes our overseas and have new facilities, and we know it will happen. Our systems are scalable, and we know how to get ourselves seen and heard in new areas. We’ve learned how to make the most of our brand, and we have got lots of credibility through our content. Partners and investors are starting to pay attention, and we have some exciting joint ventures to consider.”

This brother and sister partnership have learned how to leverage their unique background to reach more people and help more clients. Are you ready to do the same? Sign up to your free breakthrough call and we’ll find the USP that can take you further than the competition.




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