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Physical Anxiety & Exhausted To $9000 In One Month For Nate’s Fitness Business

Nate Church had been making big money in the business world. It led to a great lifestyle, and time to enjoy his hobbies. But he always felt pulled towards Personal Training. Could he ever match the income of the corporate job he left behind?

Like many guys in their 30s and 40s, Nate Church took the traditional route. Good grades, college, then onto the corporate ladder. And he was a huge success, bringing home good money and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. But as the years went by, it got harder to ignore his dream of owning a fitness business. So Nate started coaching clients as a side business.

“The dream was always to make my fitness business a full-time thing,” he said. “But it’s incredibly difficult to make the leap when you are on a good salary. The assumption is that you’ll slowly grow your side business until you can move across. But the reality isn’t that clear cut.”

In May 2014, life intervened and made the decision for him. Redundancy gave Nate the space to reassess. He decided to launch his fitness and martial arts business full time.

For a while, Nate lived the familiar lifestyle of a mobile PT, bouncing around town training 1-2-1.

“I was getting by, but I was exhausted,” he said. “I quickly realised this wasn’t the best way to work.  So I rented a small studio space to have a permanent environment. By now I was doing some small group training, but things were still a struggle.”

Why Aren’t Clients Lining Up To Work With You?

Nate couldn’t figure out why more people didn’t know about his business. After all, he was getting great results for his clients, and he had a good venue.

“Why wasn’t I getting lots of leads, when all my clients loved my program? Turns out I had made the classic mistake of thinking the hard work was done,” he said.

Nate kind of thought that once you get your website and Facebook page set up, people beat down your door. “But in reality that is just the start,” he realised. “That’s when you need to work hard to get leads. But I didn’t know how.”

Nate had been successful at a high level in business. This was all new to him. Suddenly he felt frustrated and lost. Why wasn’t it working?

“Honestly, I felt like I was trapped in a rip current,” he explained. “I was working hard, but not getting anywhere. I couldn’t understand it.”

What Happens When Your Business Reaches Tipping Point?

Nearly two years later, Nate decided something had to change.

His fitness business was failing. “As a husband, I was unable to contribute financially to our life,” he said. “This was tough to accept, when not so long ago I had been earning big money in a corporate world. Our lives had to change a lot, saying “no” to vacations and family trips. Some weeks, it even came down to deciding whether to pay for gas or groceries.”

The situation created a lot of self-doubt. Was Nate doing the right thing?

“My wife was totally supportive, but the situation put a lot of stress on us,” he said. “And it caused me physical anxiety. I was permanently exhausted. I was taking on clients that weren’t aligned with what I wanted to achieve, and that quickly affected my confidence. I felt like the situation had cost me my integrity.”

Nate realised he had been trying to go it alone for long enough.

“I needed to get help, or go back to the corporate world. That idea played on mind every day. Sure, it would mean making good money again, but I felt like it would be settling. I didn’t want to always wonder “what if?”

Nate had been reading Simon’s blog, and listening to his video tips for years, and finally he decided to reach out.

“I fixed up a call with Simon, and then was lucky enough to meet him in person in San Diego. That meeting was amazing. He really dug deep into my emotions and goals. He pushed me pretty hard, but that’s exactly what I needed. Finally someone was asking where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to impact the world. My wife joined me at that meeting, and Simon was interested in her career path and goals, too. I was impressed. He was really interested at a very deep level.”

Nate was even more impressed when they had a catch-up call a few weeks later. Simon had remembered every detail of what they’d discussed at the meeting, even asking after Nate’s wife’s own business developments.  “I thought – this is a business mentor who really cares,” said Nate.

Is Your Ego In Your Own Way?

It still took Nate 4 months to jump into Simon’s FitPro Mastery program.

“We tend to think we should do everything by ourselves, don’t we,” said Nate. “And here I was, formerly a huge success in the corporate world, asking a guy younger than me to help me not be a failure in my own business. I struggled with the idea of giving in to guidance, feeling like it would be showing defeat, or that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Asking For Help Is Not A Weakness

The truth was, of course, that Nate didn’t know what he was doing. And that’s fine! Asking for help is not giving in. It’s a smart business decision.

“If I asked for Simon’s help, I could grow my business, help more people, and live the life I wanted to live. At that point, it was a no brainer,” he said.

“Simon does a tremendous job of connecting with you. He tapped into the success I’d had in my corporate life and told me I could do it again. He bolsters your confidence, but not through BS. He reinvigorated my belief in myself.  I finally admitted that I wasn’t where I wanted to be – or needed to be. I owed it to the world to impact more clients.”

When Nate  joined FitPro Mastery, the team pushed him to recognise what he is really worth, and to charge more.

“I ended up turning clients away if they weren’t a good fit, and that was scary,” he said. “I remember the first time. They were sitting in front of me with their debit card out, ready to pay, and I needed rent money! But I stuck to my values and looked at the bigger picture.

And it all paid off.

Nate’s Business Growth In Numbers

March 2016: before FitPro Mastery – $1252

August 2016: started FitPro Mastery

September 2016: $4260 (more than March, April, May combined!)

October 2016: $5500

November 2016: $5700

December 2016: $5500

January 2017: $9000

What changed? “I stopped cutting deals, and raised my prices and – guess what – nobody freaked out! And when I finally shifted from selling memberships to putting out transformation packages, my business transformed.”

What Should Fitness Business Mentoring Look Like?

Nate admits he wasn’t sure what to expect from Simon’s mentoring.

“I thought it would be all about systems, tools, and marketing – like college for business owners. But what stood out was the emotional work. The coaches encourage you to analyse yourself and your emotions to explore how you are holding yourself back. For me, it was my old fear of disappointing my Dad, and him telling me to go back to corporate world. I’d been self-sabotaging that whole time.”

>> I no longer felt like one guy alone with his unique problems

>> It was great to be able to share things with people in the same industry.

>> It’s awesome to see other people’s breakthroughs.

>> The group got me amped up every time.

“It’s easy to blame lack of knowledge, not understanding Facebook ads, being in a bad location, having a lot of local competition. But the mentoring program forces you to dive in and find truthful answers to why you’re not being successful.  And as you see other succeed, you start to call yourself out on your own BS. It’s an eye-opening process.

“ I’ve worked through a lot of the self sabotage and self doubt,” said Nate. “I’m finally brave enough to be me, not the persona someone thinks they want as a trainer.”

He Can Finally Leave The Corporate World Behind

Just a few months after joining Fitpreneurs, Nate’s business has grown to a point that he can’t keep up with the admin side of things, so his wife now works in the business alongside him. Nate has finally cut the support ties with his former corporate life. He’s unsubscribed from job alerts and removed his resume from head hunting websites.

“If you’d told me a year ago – when I was barely able to pay the rent – that I’d make more than $5,000 a month over Christmas and New Year, I would not have believed you,” he said. “I even sold a full transformation package on Christmas Eve – that was a real wow moment. They believed in me and invested in me, on Christmas Eve!”

And his Dad is now his biggest fan. “The other day, he actually said, “you’re going to make more than you made in the corporate world!”

“If anyone is hesitating about fitness burins mentoring, get off the fence and take action,” said Nate. “What do we tell our PT clients? If you don’t alter what you’re doing, you can’t expect to see results. So if your business isn’t where you want it to be – or at least on the right trajectory – you have to make a change. But go with someone who has a proven track record.”

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