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Passionate Fitness Junkie Moved from Earning £1,800 in the Corporate World to Earning £10,000 in One Month as a Personal Trainer

Charlotte Hunt had become frustrated with the drudgery of her corporate life. She knew that helping people through fitness was her passion, but just didn’t know how to transform her passion into a successful business.

“I was working so many hours and it was monotonous every single day. I was working really, really hard. I just wanted something different.  I wanted to work more hours doing something I was truly passionate about,” explained Charlotte.

Knowing There Was More to Life

Charlotte knew that there was more to life than living from one pay cheque to the next.  She explains, “I was literally just putting money on the credit card, paying off the credit card, paying my bills and then that was just rolling month after month. I felt like I would be doing this for the rest of my life if I didn’t make a change.”

However, delving into her own personal training business would come with many risks. “I just felt like I couldn’t make the leap to be a personal trainer and make it work without doing another job,” she says, “I just didn’t feel that I could be a self-employed personal trainer full-time and earn enough to pay the bills and live the life I was living.”

Taking the Leap of Faith

Charlotte is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Fitness has always been her passion. However, she was caught between a rock and a hard place because she didn’t think that pursuing personal training full-time would provide adequate income.  She knew that she needed a mentor to help her truly understand the business and what she would need to do to create a successful fitness business.

“I have this passion for fitness and a passion for helping people,” she explains, “I really wanted there to be something that connected me to believe that I could do it. So, I reached out to Fitpreneurs.”

She describes her decision to take this leap of faith by saying, “There was initial resistance. So you’re really nervous and wondering if it’s really going to work. Am I committed enough? Do I believe in what I’m doing? I knew I was passionate and I wanted to make it work. If I invested, I was going to put everything into it. Have I got time to do it? Then I just went for it. You’ve got to take that leap.”

The program changed her life because of the holistic training experience it provides. Charlotte was particularly encouraged by the fact that the program helped her believe in herself and guided her through the steps of creating her own business.

“I just learned so much more than I thought I would learn,” she states, “I thought I was going to learn this secret solution, but I just learned so much about so many different elements; particularly about mindset, personal development and self-growth. I learned loads about how to structure things, particularly systems, and increment things that will enable me to build and build and build throughout the process.”

The Turning Point

It was now time for Charlotte to put what she was learning from the program into practice. She was still working full-time in the corporate world while completing the Fitpreneurs program. In December 2016, she went into personal training full-time.

“I actually went fully self-employed in December which was the last month that I was with Fitpreneurs,” she explains, “I felt like I was ready to hit the ground running.”

She began earning double her corporate salary in January 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. She earned £7,500 in July and reached her peak of £10,000 in September.

Her Strategies

Charlotte believes the most important lesson she learned from the program was believing in herself. Many people fail to pursue their passions because they fear failure. That negative self-talk will get you nowhere. The first step for Charlotte in this self-confidence process was believing that people would want to work with her. She then had to garner enough courage to put herself out there and establish a trustworthy brand identity. The final step was being confident in charging a rate that adequately reflected the value of the time she was offering to her clients.

She describes putting herself out there by saying, “I currently operate out of a gym. I do Facebook marketing through Fitpreneurs, go to different health fairs and events, and get client referrals.”

She further states that the only way to truly be successful in this business is to come out of your comfort zone. “You’ve gotta keep getting out of your comfort zone and taking action all the time,” she says, “There are times when I’ve been really nervous about going out of my comfort zone and investing. But once you’ve invested, you’re so ready for it and you want to learn and you want to take action because you’ve invested.”

Going Forward

A large part of an entrepreneur’s long-term success lies in his or her ability to effectively manage personal finances. Charlotte explains her financial investments by saying, “I am spending more money on my fitness and that might sound a bit silly. But, for me, fitness is a release. So, I spend on a CrossFit membership and attending yoga regularly. I have also put money back into the business to buy equipment that I see is valuable to my customers. I’ve also invested in marketing and I am saving. It feels hugely  satisfying to know that I actually have some money in the bank at the end of the month.”

She also has big plans for 2018 and beyond. Personal training for her is a way to help people become their best selves. She wants to continue using her craft to help more people. In addition, she wants to create both an online and local gym community; sell products online; and venture more into the online world. Her website provides a good starting point. It can only be continuous growth from here.

Charlotte’s journey to Fitpreneur success began with her desire to take a leap of faith.  It can be scary diving into the unknown. However, you won’t know how far you can swim without taking that first step. Her story aptly depicts how investing in personal growth and developing self-confidence can propel anyone to success. The ball is in your court. Are you ready to step into an amazing destiny with Fitpreneur?




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