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I Used To Struggle To Pay My Bills, Now I’ve Doubled My Dreams

Brandon Soares had been employed as a Personal Trainer for 3 years when he went self-employed. It wasn’t exactly what he’d imagined. For most of 2016, he was just about making ends meet. The problem wasn’t Brandon’s expertise as a trainer. It was all the holes in his business knowledge. Sound familiar?

“I had jumped into being a Personal Trainer without any prior sales experience,” Brandon explained. “I’d carved out a respectable clientele. But it was so unreliable. I’d often be down $500 with very little notice.”

And he could have done without that kind of financial insecurity. It was causing him and his fiancee unwelcome stress and worry just when they should have been moving on with their lives.

“We had to move back in with my parents so I could get my finances under control,” he said. “We were constantly juggling money to pay bills, or even to go to the doctor. It was not how I imagined life would be aged 26 and with my own business.”

Brandon had solid goals: to own a fitness facility, where he’d provide the best client experience by curating equipment and putting it together himself.  “I wanted to provide dramatic results for clients and not be inhibited by venue or equipment,” he explained. “It was frustrating to be held back by finances when I knew I could be making more money. Retention was good, but my lead generation was non-existent. I had no systems in place and nothing to rely on except luck.”

It Couldn’t Go On Like This

Brandon’s knew his first step had to be tackling the issue of lead generation.

“My daily commute was over an hour each way, and I used the time to focused on learning how to grow my business,” Brandon said. “I loved the Fitpreneurs podcast, Simon’s ethos and candour, and his practical advice. I had already put his “6-figure mindset” advice into practice and could see it was working for me. So I decided to apply for a breakthrough call.”

Things Were About To Change

Brandon started Fitpro Mastery in August 2016 and his mindset, business systems, and income changed within weeks.

“Before working with Simon, I thought $60K a year would be ambitious, challenging, and give me the income I wanted,” said Brandon. “But since Fitpro Mastery, I have the skills to be pushing $120K or more in the next 12 months. I’ve doubled my dreams without thinking about it.”

On Track For $250K In Two Years

What changed for Brandon? He explains how it was the combination of systems and strategies, mindset and mentoring.

“I realise now that I’d always had doubts about my age,” he explained. “People told me to expect less, and I absorbed the idea that a 26 year old is less capable than an older person. I started believing that my results were a fluke. That’s all changed now.”

Brandon actually made very few changes to his business model after Fitpro Mastery mentoring. But small, consistent changes to the way he runs his business have taken him from $2,500 to over $20,000 a month in a matter of weeks.

He switched from 1-2-1 training to semi-private small groups, and launched an online product. “But that’s not what helped me make more money,” he explains. “It was mostly down to what I learned about lead generation and sales, how to bring people in and then sell to them properly.

Take Action And Watch The Changes Happen

“The content of Fitpro Mastery is fantastic, but the most useful aspect for me is having someone holding my feet to the fire. Like lots of PTs, I’d read dozens of business books. But this time I  was actually putting things into action, working hard, and being consistent. Having that support while you take action is the cornerstone to success.”

Through mentoring, Brandon has allowed himself to recognise his strength and capabilities. He is no longer cautious with his goals or ambitions. And it’s showing in his numbers:

What Happened To Brandon’s Income?

Start of 2016: self-employed and working out of a gym, $2,500 a month

August 1016: started Fitpro Mastery

August 2016: $8,000 in new business on top of existing income

September 2016: $5,000 extra on top of existing income

October 2016: $20,000 extra!

And the best bit? Brandon knows this business model is scalable.

Life after Fitpro Mastery looks very different for Brandon. He continues to implement the business systems he learned, and can turn lead generation off and on like a tap. He has brought on employees and – most exciting of all – will be opening his own fact in December.

His Dream Achieved, But With Bigger Numbers

And his success in business is having a positive effect on the rest of his life. He has moved out of his parents’ home and into an apartment with his fiancee. He was able to put a cash payment down on a new car. And they are happily planning their wedding.

“We were constantly stressed about money,” he remembers, “and now we have that cushion which lets us focus on more important things. We no longer have to pour our energy into worrying about finances. I haven’t known this feeling for a long time and let me tell you it feels great! This has all done wonders for the quality of my relationships.”

Now that Brandon is no longer worried about finances, he is free to focus on what matters.

“I now think of myself as a business owner, and am building something bigger and better so I can impact more lives,” he says. “My day to day life has less stress and worry, and I am free to be truly excited about what I can achieve. With these tools and resources, I know I can impact lives in fitness but outside of this industry, too.

“I recommend business mentoring any fitpro,” he says. “If you’re serious about having a successful fitness business, and you’re focused on helping others, then you owe it to yourself and those you could potentially serve. If you think you’re the best at what you do, then prove it. Invest in yourself so you can reach more people. Apply for that call just like I did.”




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