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Single Mom Francine HAD To Make Personal Training A Success – For Her Baby Son

Francine Truscott has been a single Mom from day one of her son’s life. After a long corporate career which had kept her moving all over the globe, she knew she wanted more time with him. She needed to learn how to run her own business – fast.

“I knew that Personal Training would give me the fulfillment and flexibility I wanted,” Francine explained. “But I had no idea how to make a financial success of it. With a new baby in my life, there was no room for failure.”

Francine had actually qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2007 but treated it as a part time hobby for years. After a long and successful career in the corporate world, she made the massive decision to leave her job when her son was born.

“I was 38 years old, and a single Mom to an 11-month old son,” said Francine. “It was time to re-evaluate my priorities and make more time for the important things in life.”

She would be leaving behind a big salary, job security, and the stability of corporate life. But PT was her passion.

“I had recently lost my mother and knew it was time to do something that had true meaning,” said Francine. “Life is too short not to do what you love.”

So Francine took the plunge: leaving the corporate world to train clients full time at a local gym. But it wasn’t long before she realised this would never give her the career satisfaction or freedom she needed.

“After my first day at the gym, I came home and bawled my eyes out,” she said. “It was so stressful. I had no idea if I’d done the right thing. Was I crazy?”

Things didn’t get any better. And after four years, she’d had enough of gym hours, pressure, and politics. She decided to train clients at home but realised it’s not as easy as it seems.

“I couldn’t keep the leads coming in,” she said. “Soon enough, they dried up completely. I felt I had no choice but to go back to the gym.”

She Wasn’t Running Her Business, it Was Running Her!

This wasn’t how Francine had imagined Personal Training would be.

“Things weren’t working out at the gym,” she said. “I was plodding along and not getting where I wanted to be. I knew I would have more time with my son (and probably more money) if I was running my own business. But I didn’t know how to do it.”

Either way, Francine needed to take control of her time and stop living from day to day.

Time to Face the Truth

Francine wasn’t earning her potential because of how she was running her business.

She had been a major success in her corporate career but suddenly felt like a business newbie.

“I hadn’t realised how hard it would be,” she said. “The structure of a corporate business was handed to me on a plate, and now I needed to know everything myself. I was craving time, space, and freedom. But I wasn’t running my business the right way.”

Francine knew she needed expert help.

Our Paths Finally Crossed

One of Francine’s friends had connected us in 2012 when her son was just a baby and we’d stayed in touch on Facebook. But it wasn’t until she struck up a friendship with a graduate of Fitpro Mastery that she realised how Fitpreneurs could work for her, too.

“It’s strange how chance encounters can change the course of your life,” Francine said. “When I was doing one of my PT courses, I met an amazing woman called Anna Marsh. She was doing incredible things with her fitness business. I saw she was part of Fitpreneurs and realised that it was Simon Lovell, the guy I’d connected with a few years ago! Anna’s success spoke volumes. I didn’t need any more convincing. I messaged Simon and applied for Fitpro Mastery.”

Before her Breakthrough Call with us, Francine went for a walk with her partner and told him that she thought she needed a business coach. He agreed and started asking her who she had considered. “I think I’ve already found the right guy,” Francine told him.

Finally Living Her True Potential

As Francine discovered, success in this industry is built on a foundation of mindset. How you view yourself will dictate the kind of clients you attract, how much you can earn, and how long your career will be.

“In my first couple days with Fitpreneurs, I learned to get out of my head and into my heart,” she explained. “I’d spent too long thinking about what clients could afford and letting them dictate to me how they wanted to train. With Simon’s help, I learned to tell them this is how we’re going to train.”

During her time with us, Francine learned how to get past her fears and truly help clients, tapping into her full potential as a trainer.

“Instead of “what should I say?”, I got comfortable with knowing “this is what I should say!”, she said. “I stopped worrying about what I was going to get out of it, and focused on what was in their best interests.”

Before and After

As soon as Francine shifted that focus away from her, and onto the client, her business transformed.

“My breakthrough moment came when my Fitpreneur coach asked me how often I train,” Francine said. “I told her 4-5 times per week. So why was I training my clients once per week and accepting that as enough! I immediately felt confident asking clients to train several times per week to reach their goals.”

Francine stopped selling sessions and started selling the end product. She’s now launched a new system and is actually turning people away.

“I’m giving clients the option of training my way or finding a trainer who will do one session a week,” she said. “I’m being true to myself and delivering a service that I believe will give them real value.”

Before Fitpro Mastery:

>> $2000 AUD a month

>> 1-2-1 sessions

>> selling one session a week per client

After Fitpro Mastery:

>> selling complete transformation packages

>> $7000 AUD in January (a very quiet month in Australia)

>> $8000+ AUD in February

>> Goal now is $10,000 AUD a month as a base line

“Traditional basic PT courses focus is on selling 20 1-2-1 sessions a week,” she said. “Simon taught me to offer clients what they really need. The mindset shift is huge. They are more committed to their training, and I am more committed to them. It gets better results for everyone.

“I never ran this as a real business, and I don’t want to go back there! I’m a serious business owner now. This is how every trainer should feel about their business.”

Paying it Forward

As Francine’s own business gains serious traction in Brisbane, she knows exactly what the future holds.

“I want to be able to pass on what I’ve learned from Fitpreneurs so I can spread the word and help more trainers get more results,” she said. “If I’d known what I know now when I started out, I’d be in a very different position! So I want to bring a couple trainers into my business and get them started on the right foot.”

Francine’s business success has given her the time, freedom, and income she wanted when she left her corporate job for Personal Training. As she sits back with her partner, her young son, and two step-sons, she can relax knowing that she’s on the right track and will be able to keep her business success going.

“It’s a pleasure to be associated with Fitpreneurs,” she said. “It’s the best business decision I’ve made. It got me into the headspace of understanding my clients and showing them I will give them real value. I’ve already made my investment back.”

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