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Just One Year After Dropping Out Of University, This PT Has His Own Studio Making £13K/Month

When 25-year-old Ben Willcocks dropped out of University, rejecting a graduate job at IBM, people thought he was mad. And when he announced that he was training as a fitness professional, they said it would never work. Ben knew he had to make a success of his career change. And fast. 

This is incredible story of how he took things from zero to the most successful studio in his area… in just 12 months.

Ben Willcocks was a typical young success story. Studying Business and Finance at Uni, and landing a coveted Graduate job offer with a £30,000 starting salary at IBM in London. But that’s not what this story is about. Ben turned his back on his University years – and that job offer – to pursue a career in Personal Training.

“I had nothing to show for my years at University,” he told us. “Apart from a load of debt. Dropping out and changing careers was a scary and difficult decision. My parents fully support me, but telling them I wanted to be a PT was one of the most difficult conversations I’ve ever had.”

Using people’s doubts as fuel, Ben pushed forward with his Personal Training career.  “I put myself in a position where I had no choice,” he said. “I had to succeed.”

Like lots of you, he started out in a big box gym, swapping time for money.

“I thought this was going to be easy money,” he said. “But quickly realised it’s not sustainable.”

Ben had learned basic sales on his PT course, but it hadn’t given him the skills to build a business. He knew he had to do something different.

From the start of his PT career, Ben had listened to the Fitpreneur podcast. “I actually thought the success stories were too good to be true,” he laughed. “The free podcast content is so valuable. I could never put a price on it. It opened my mind up beyond the big box gym setting and I realised I could create a viable business.”

Pushing Out Of His Comfort Zone

Ben started to take action on what he heard in the Fitpreneur podcast. “This stuff works,” he said. “I noticed some rapid changes in my business when I applied what I was hearing. I increased my prices and took my income from £800 a month to £2,500! I knew I needed to take it further.”

Ben made the decision to take the Fitpreneurs up on a free breakthrough call

“Everything on that free call made complete sense,” said Ben. “I wanted a viable, scalable business. I wanted to be time rich.”

But Ben had no money, remember. In fact, he was still saddled with hefty debts from his aborted University years. So he had to do the most uncomfortable thing he could think of… ask for another loan from the bank of Mum and Dad.

“It was a horrible feeling,” he recalled. “They’d supported and trusted me throughout Uni. And now this. But I was so sure that I could make a huge success of Personal Training. And they trusted me again. I knew I couldn’t let them down.”

Ben started his Fitpro Mastery coaching journey in June 2015, and his income increased from £2,500 to £4,500 a month. But he wanted to get out of the big box gym setting, start semi-private training, and target a niche avatar. It was time to get out of his comfort zone – again.

Making Investments, Not Taking Risks

“The old me would have had a lot of fear around approaching a business partner, getting a loan, and opening a studio,” he said. “But after seeing the success stories in Fitpro Mastery, everything made sense. I knew in my heart that it would work if I just implemented the strategies I’d learned with Simon.”

By December 2015, Ben and his business partner had found studio space and secured financing. They opened The Body Transformers to clients.

Ben’s First Six Months Of Stellar Success 

#1 Ben’s studio in Swindon went from a standing start, to £3,000 in its first month.

#2 The business took £6,000 in its second month

#3 Six months later, it took £13,000 a month

#4 From 0-55 members in six months

The Body Transformers is Swindon’s fastest growing PT studio for business

The coaches have delivered over 1000 PT sessions

And it’s the highest-rated PT studio in the area.

Ben always knew it would happen. But he needed to step out of his comfort zone.

“If you are like I was – stuck in a big box gym, unable to fulfil your potential – get out,” he said. “Learn what you need to learn, ask the questions you need to ask. Make that leap! It will work.”

Ben’s 12-Month Earnings Transformation

January 2015 – qualified as a PT

January-April 2015 – new PT in a big box gym – £800/month

April-June 2015 – after actioning Fitpreneur podcast advice – £2,500/month

June 2015 –  contacted us for a free breakthrough call

December 2015 – left big box gym and opened own studio

June 2016 – The Body Transformers hits its first £13K month

As for Ben’s Mum and Dad? “They rave about my business,” said Ben. “It’s such a relief to know I have made them proud. So many people questioned what I was doing when I left Uni, when I turned down the London job, when I quit the big box gym. All sorts of things were said behind my back.

“I don’t feel any fear, doubt, or embarrassment now. All I feel is joy at how amazing this experience has been. And it’s great to know my parents no longer have that worried look on their faces!”

Are You Still Swapping Your Time For Cash?

Ben will never go back to the 1-2-1 model he was following at the big box gym. “Simon introduced the semi-private business model to me,” he said. “It makes complete sense and blows 1-2-1 out of the picture. Running your own studio is hard work, and I still hustle hard. But the difference is that this is sustainable. Soon I will be able to step back and scale the business up. If I’d stayed at the gym, I would have completely burned out.”

Ben feels like he has a lot more business freedom, even though he is working hard on his business. “I am a completely different position now to when I started Personal Training,” he said. “My confidence comes from knowing I have a viable business which will continue to grow. I’ve proven all my detractors wrong. It’s a powerful feeling.

“This is a time-efficient way of making good money in the fitness industry,” Ben said. “We run six 1-hour sessions a day (I only deliver two of them), and earn around £250 per hour. You do the maths!”

What Ben Learned (That PT Training Didn’t Tell Him)

“You’ll need every aspect of sales and marketing if you want to run your own business,” said Ben. “Fitpro Mastery helps you focus on your weaknesses. You’ll learn strategies that other training courses don’t teach you. The most valuable things Simon taught me were how to automate lead generation, dealing with price objections, and Facebook advertising (the ROI is amazing!)”

No Systems? No Business

Does your fitness business have simple, solid systems in place? Or are you still doing all the work yourself? As Ben discovered, proper business systems will save you huge amounts of time. Set them up, and let them do the work. “You can’t place a value on that,” said Ben. “It will create a long term sustainable business for you.”

Ben is no longer scared to invest. “I used to see business costs as pounds and pennies,” he said. “But now I see investments in terms of value. I know how much money I’ll make out of it. Remove the fear of investment and see it as a necessary business cost. This mindset will put you in a powerful position in the business world.”

With his business partner delivering Personal Training, Ben is able to concentrate on sales and marketing. The duo have already employed a Nutritionist, and are looking to take on a full-time Trainer. Ben wants the business to have 100 members, and be making £17,000 a month, by the end of 2016. Based on current growth, he’ll be looking at a bigger facility in 2017.

Not bad for a 25-year-old University drop out…

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