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Watch How PT Matt Hit The Ground Running In One Of The UK’s Busiest Areas

When Matt Tustin left his management job in one of the industry’s fastest growing gym chains, people assumed he would know exactly how to launch a successful business. But Matt was nervous. Sure, he had years of experience managing big box gyms. But he knew it wouldn’t be plain sailing.

Luckily, Matt made a smart choice straight away and enlisted the help of  fitness business coaching at Fitpreneurs who helped him hit the ground running. This is the story of how he came to dominate one of the busiest areas in the UK.

“When I set up The PT Man, I wasn’t new to the industry,” explains Matt, “but I was brand new to running my own business. So, in a way, I felt like I was starting from scratch. I knew I had to get it right.”

Matt had been in the industry for 10 years, working as a PT in a large local spa gym and then moving into management. His career quickly skyrocketed, giving him the job security and comfortable salary of gym management in London.

“It was exciting, and allowed me to move on to bigger and better things,” he said. “But I felt I’d lost touch with the 1-2-1 client contact. I was up for a big promotion, and realised I was at a crossroads. I got into this industry to watch people achieve their goals, and see the smile on their face. Management was taking me away from all that. I had to make a decision. I’d always wanted to set up my own business, and finally I felt ready.”

So Matt left the security and career track of his gym management career, and set up as a Personal Trainer in his home town of Wokingham. Born and bred there, he knew about every existing PT, coach, and trainer.

“Wokingham is a busy town in the M4 corridor,” he explained. “It’s close to London and big business bases like Reading. There were already a lot of PTs, and suddenly I had joined them.”

Yes, Matt had been in the industry for more than 10 years. But right now, he felt brand new.

He Had One Chance to Get it Right

“I had been getting Simon’s Fitpreneur emails for years,” he said. “He gives great advice, but that’s not what made him stand out. I connected with his ethos and the importance he puts on people. After all, that’s what this industry is about. I was never just interested in how to make money. I wanted to be a success so I could make a difference and help more people.”

In fact, Matt had his Breakthrough Call with us as he was seeing out his notice period.

“I started Fitpro Mastery the same day that I finished my job!” he laughed. “I knew I needed to move fast, and I didn’t want to waste time. I’d found the right mentor, so why hang around?”

Initially, Matt found it difficult to be without the infrastructure and routine of big business.

“Day one of self-employment was pretty scary,” he recalled. “I remember waking up not knowing what I should do. I had been accountable to a whole team, and suddenly nobody was relying on me. I imagined that nobody would really know if I stayed in bed all day! It makes you question your worth. I’m so glad that I had Fitpro Mastery there to support and direct me from day one.”

It wasn’t plain sailing for this motivated PT. To his surprise, after five years in a management role, he doubted himself.

This Is How He Side-Stepped Self Doubt

“The first call with my mentor was surprisingly tough,” he recalled. “I had never had that level of conversation before, even though I’d held various management roles. I realised that I wasn’t confident in my own abilities, especially in sales. The bottom line was, I didn’t know where to start on my own.”

Once again, having Fitpro Mastery in place saved Matt from the procrastination, fear, and self-doubt which can slam the brakes on many new PT businesses.

“The mentors quickly helped me put a structure in place,” he said. “I was given tasks and homework, and a clear plan for putting a product together. It was phenomenal. I would never have known what to do by myself, let alone actually do it!”

And it worked. Matt’s simple, clear, and consistent approach won him new clients and great feedback.

“Business built quickly,” he said. “I was soon getting leads, setting up consultations, converting, and selling.

“I actually didn’t believe it would work as well as it did. I was getting organic leads straight away and converting lots of them. Within one week, I was able to move to a new studio in a great location in Wokingham.”

Matt is now actively searching for his own studio and has started to work with another PT who will be working under his brand.

Was He Crazy to Launch Just Before His Wedding?

Two of the most stressful and financially demanding things in life are your wedding and setting up your own business. Matt did both within 4 weeks. But it didn’t panic him – or his new wife.

“We got married a month after I launched the business,” he laughed, “and it was an expensive time with a lot of pressure, but I was so confident about the mentorship programme. That helped. My wife was a bit unsettled at the timing of everything, but she was behind me 100%. She had total confidence in Fitpro Mastery and the new business. We did choose to delay our honeymoon, though!”

At the rate Matt is going, he will be able to splash out on an amazing break. Check out how his business has grown.

The PT Man Business Success In Numbers

Before: Matt was training clients as “pocket money”, making £500/month
November: Left his job, started The PT Man, joined Fitpro Mastery. Made £2000
December: £4000
January: £6000 (still only doing 1-2-1 sessions)
February: launched semi-private training options

“Income has been climbing steadily since I started,” he said, “and the goal now is to grow faster with the introduction of semi-private. I felt awkward changing the way I charge, but Fitpro Mastery taught me how and gave me the confidence to do it”

Matt’s original goal was to match his former income, but we challenged him about that. “I realised it was a confidence thing,” he admitted. “Why not aim higher?”

Bold Ambitions for Future Projects

“Fitpro Mastery taught me to think about leverage,” said Matt. “I want to fill all of my semi-private spaces and then launch an exciting online product.”

Matt explained how one of his oldest friends had been impressed by the changes in his mindset and emotional character since going through Fitpro Mastery.

“He used exercise as a catalyst to get out of severe depression,” explained Matt. “So we’ve partnered up to launch a project linking mental health to physical exercise. Fitpro Mastery showed me the power of community, so we’ll base our project around what I learned from Fitpreneurs. It’s amazingly valuable to know you are not on your own.”

As Matt discovered during his mentorship experience, mindset can be the missing link between starting something and making it a success. “Fitpro Mastery gave me support from my first day in business,” he said. “It was where I could go for a pat on the back for good work, or a pick you up after a tough day.”

To anyone making the move from full-time employment into self-employment PT, Matt has some words of advice about business mentoring.

“Do it, don’t waste time on the fence. You’ll learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Being a success in business is about so much more than the processes and systems. Look around at what you have to offer the world, be confident, and seek expert support to bring the best of yourself out.”

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