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This Personal Trainer Was On 80 Hours Per Week & Headed For Burnout, Now He’s On Track For His First Million

Joe Webb has been a Personal Trainer since 2009. He’s had a business most of you would be proud of: a facility in Berkshire, a portfolio of services, income of £8,000 a month. Why did Joe need a business mentor? The answer will shock you…

“Business was good,” says Joe about JW Training, which offers PT, bootcamps, online training, and fitness retreats in Spain. “But I was constantly tired and knew I couldn’t keep going like this.”

If you’re a fitpro, you know the score. Joe was up at 4am to get some self-improvement reading in before training his first client of the day, got home late to answer client emails, grabbed a few hours sleep… and repeat.

“I wanted to succeed so badly,” he says. “I was setting the alarm early to read business books, but didn’t know what to do with the information. In the end, the lack of sleep got to me. It was affecting my personal life and I had nothing to show for the extra early starts.”

Instead of buying yet another book or investing more time in self-development, Joe did what he admits he should have done many years ago. He reached out to a fitness business mentor.

Are You Making This Mistake?

“I’d tried to figure things out on my own for too long,” admits Joe. “I guess I’m a stubborn person and thought I should be able to grow my business by myself. I’ve read hundreds of business books and gone on a crazy self-development journey. But I was no further forward.”

Joe had grown his business to an impressive £8,000 a month. But he was working 80 hours a week and knew he was headed for burn out. With a baby on the way, Joe wanted to make more money. He knew he could. But the question was: how?

“I’d been following Simon’s online content for a couple of years, and saw that he walks the talk,” says Joe. “I wasn’t just impressed by what he was doing for fitpros. I could see how he was using self-development for his own business, too. I knew he would be a great mentor for me.”

The 80/20 Business Rule

Like any business owner, you already know that 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your efforts. But Joe admits he was getting it all wrong. Hands up if you’re making the same mistake.

“Instead of focusing my time and energy on the 20% which would have most of an impact on my business, I was running myself into the ground doing the 80%,” he says. “I was always busy tackling the easy tasks, not the big things which would have moved my business forward.”

Fitpreneurs showed Joe how to focus on the key business tasks which would produce fast, scalable results.

And that’s how he increased his income from £8,000 a month to £25,000 a month in just 6 weeks.

Business Growth By Numbers: Joe’s Success Story So Far

August 2016: £8,000 income.
Started Fitpreneur coaching programme.
September 2016: £25,000 income.

Joe gave us a glimpse into his goal setting journal. It’s a powerful lesson in how setting targets AND taking action can move anyone close to their goals.

Joe’s Business Goals

29th Feb 2016: make £109,000 this year.
2017: make £1,000,000

How are those goals shaping up for this PT from Berkshire? “It’s September 2016 and we just passed £100K,” he says,” so we’ve got three months to make the final £9K. Given that we made £25K this month already, it’s safe to say we’ll smash my target.”

But what about that million-pound goal? Surely that’s ambitious?

“Not at all,” says Joe with calm confidence, “After going through Simon’s coaching programme, I know exactly how I’ll achieve £1-million next year. I’ve got the systems now. I just need to scale it all up.”

Can You Imagine Knowing Exactly How To Make A Million?

Get this. The ONLY changes Joe made to his business model was switching from regular PT sessions to semi private, and selling the way Simon teaches.

“I’ve always aspired to being a multi millionaire,” says Joe, “but my own limiting beliefs got in the way. I thought I was doing OK, and I couldn’t see how I could possibly do any more. But since doing this mentoring system, I know how to bring in extra income, how to sell properly, how to scale my business. I have big goals. My vision is moving closer.”

Joe credits three things with his rapid business success:

The Systems: “Every system Simon teaches – from sales and referrals to lead generation – took my messy business to one which is totally process orientated”

The Mindset: “I learned how to put my energy into the tasks which would move me towards my biggest goal. I still work hard but it’s now about succeeding, not surviving”

The Community: “Surround yourself with other successful people in the industry, and you get more confident. It’s important to immerse yourself in the most successful layer of our industry.”

Model Yourself On Success

Although Joe had followed Simon Lovell and the Fitpreneurs for years, it took a personal tipping point for him to reach out. What will yours be?

“When Simon put up a post about investing in yourself, I was lying in bed exhausted. I realised that I had to do something, or I’d be done in this business. We jumped on a call. I knew this would be the one thing that would move my business forward after all these years.”

What Does The Future Hold For Your Business?

It looks bright for Joe and his fitness business. He’s on track to smash his 2016 goal of £107,000, and confident that he’ll make £1,000,000 in 2017. He’s already moved to his dream town, and is gearing up to get involved in other business ventures.

Do You Still Have The “Work Harder” Mentality?

“My mindset has completely changed throughout this process,” he says. “I’d recommend it to anybody. We don’t have much time. Self-development and investing in yourself is crucial. Everything you learn is through study. If you stop learning, you stop progressing. Invest in mentoring and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else, even the youngsters coming in to the fitness industry. Don’t get left out in the cold.”

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