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How Steve Suddenly Started Attracting Record Numbers & Perfect Clients

Steve Pavis isn’t new to the industry. In fact, he’s got 14 years experience of Personal Training and running his own therapy business. You might think Steve had it all sorted and could increase his income whenever he chose.

So did Steve. Until he took his business from a studio into his own home…. and watched, helpless, as his leads dried up and income bottomed out.

Was that it? 14 years of business down the drain? Steve had two options: head back out into the workplace and get a job working for someone else. Or work out why things had gone wrong, and work hard to turn things around.

This is what happened.

“I’d been in the industry for 14 years in total,” explained Steve, “with 10 of those running my own business offering Pilates, body work, and reconnective healing. Things were going well and business was growing every year.”

Then Steve decided to close the studio, and focus on the personal healing work. He moved Steve Pavis Therapy to his a mini studio at his house. And waited for business to continue…

“It should have been fantastic,” he said. “I had a big client list and a well known brand. Moving to a home studio had slashed my overheads. But something went badly wrong. I didn’t get anyone through the door for 5 months.”

It was a huge blow to Steve’s income, and to his confidence. He buried his head in the sand and went into survival mode, scrabbling to save the business he loved.

He Was This Close To Getting A 9-5 Job (But He Hated The Idea!)

“I didn’t stop to think,” he said, remembering how he dropped his prices to try and save his business. “I just worked out how much money I needed, and how many hours I could work. After 14 years in business, I was going backwards by lowering my prices so drastically.”

The “pile em high” approach got plenty of people through the door, and Steve earned just enough to survive, but he was delivering 10 sessions a day, 6 days a week

“I was physically tired, stressed, and had no extra money to contribute to the household,” said Steve. “I could never take my wife out for a meal, couldn’t contribute to family holidays, and had no time to do the things I loved.”

When Everyone Around You Thinks Being Busy Means You’re A Success

Steve was working himself into the ground to keep a surviving business afloat.

Rock bottom confidence.

Minimal income.

A business going backwards.

Something had to change. But Steve didn’t know what to do. None of his old strategies were working, and he was out of ideas. Was it time to look outside his circle for help?

Steve had never considered business mentoring. “I thought it all looked a bit flashy,” he explained. “I’m not hugely driven by cash, and I thought any business mentoring had to all be about making more money than anyone else.”

Then Steve found Simon. “It was a strange co-incidence,” he said. “I had seen some of Simon’s Facebook posts, then discovered he had been a Personal Trainer at the same gym I started out at, years ago. The local connection made me curious, so I started listening to more of his advice.”

Not All Fitpro Mentoring Is The Same

Steve liked what he heard. Simon’s Fitpreneurs advice wasn’t about money, possessions, and living a flashy lifestyle. In fact, Simon’s approach resonated with an important part of Steve’s value system: spirituality.

“When I heard him talking about the spiritual side of being a successful business person, I got really excited,” said Steve. “He mentioned mindset a lot, and I wanted to know more. When I realised how much personal development Simon has done, I realised he’s on my wavelength. So I applied for a call.”

Steve did not know what to expect on the free strategy call. It turned out to be a valuable moment of complete clarity which helped him see what had to be done.

“Simon called me out on some key things during that call,” said Steve, “and I realised that he was the right person to help me tackle them and move forward.”

– Steve realised he wasn’t stepping up. “My wife is a success in business, so it had been easy for me to take a back seat and survive, but my confidence was going down. I had to step up and be the man.”

– The change in Steve’s business had been difficult, but hadn’t caused any friction in his marriage or home life. “We were comfortable and rolling along, so there had been no incentive for me to take action.”

Simon’s strategy call challenged Steve to have a deep conversation with his wife about what he really wanted to achieve with his business, how he wanted to help clients, and what kind of man he wanted to be. And he realised none of that would come to the surface unless things changed dramatically.

So Steve signed up to Fitpro Mastery and Product Mastery, expecting to receive all the practical tools it is known for: business knowledge, systems, Facebook marketing training.

“I’d seen the success other people had on Fitpro Mastery, but didn’t think I could achieve that level,” he said. “I just wanted to be earning more than I was. We set some goals, but I never thought I’d achieve them. I just wanted to earn enough to get my time and freedom back.”

“After lots of hard work, I had a breakthrough and got past my limitations, transforming my business,” said Steve. “When I started bringing that energy into my client work, the changes were incredible. More sign ups, and better results with my clients who had finally found the energy they had been looking for from me.  And I had a more dynamic relationship with my wife.

“When I signed up, I had no idea this would be the biggest piece of personal development in my life. I really feel this has aligned my life purpose for me. It’s helped me find the energy that was lacking. I’m a different person, and my business is thriving on it.”

Steve’s Business Transformation In Numbers

September 2016: £1500 a month income, selling private sessions for £16/hour

October 2016: started Fitpro Mastery. Goal was to hit £5,000/month.

November 2016: launched premium package, increased prices, signed up clients.

Hit £5,000 after 4 weeks.

Now rolling out new packages and on track to hit £10,000 a month.

“I am confident that the jump to £10K a month will be sustainable and consistent,” said Steve. “I’m now working just 15 hours per week, I have time to go and play golf, and was able to take a day off for my wife’s birthday. It’s all coming together – it’s more than a relief, it’s a dream!”

Steve’s business has been transformed by his renewed confidence and energy.

“I’ve got fewer clients than before,” he explained, “but I’m earning much more. I’m attracting the type of clients I want to work with, people who really need my help. I’m stepping up and helping them, really changing their lives. It’s hugely satisfying for me.”

Steve has moved onto our Product Mastery course, nailing down his niche market and learning how to offer specific modalities. Soon he’ll take on team members to free up more of his time. He’s excited to dominate the online space in his niche. And in future he wants to expand his offline work, setting up a tiered system for community work, and taking it big. “The place I want is on my vision board,” he told us. We have no doubt he’ll be there soon.
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