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The Top 6 Steps I Took To Make Myself A Diet & Fitness Authority

When I certified as a personal trainer, I didn’t set out to become an authority, to be on TV, to have a six figure book deal and to be featured all over the world as an expert. It all happened as a snowball effect from one idea I took action on.

I know for many personal trainers and health experts, it’s a goal to boost their authority in the industry, so in this post I want to share with you the specific steps I took to achieve all of these things and some very important lessons if you want to go down this route.

Why is this super important? Because you should be changing as many lives as you can with your skills. This is the biggest mistake I see people making.

One of the things I want to address before we get into the steps is about a lot of the crazy bitching that goes on in this industry (especially online) about other experts which is a shame.

I wouldn’t normally bring this up, but it has to be talked about for a couple of reasons.

The first one is that, we have to remember most people enter this industry with a genuine care to help people. So when another personal trainer comes out and makes millions or does something great; for some, the easiest thing is to shoot them down.

Let’s take Joe Wicks in the UK for example. This is a guy who has had tremendous success in a very short period of time. But over the past month I’ve seen countless posts about him knocking him down. 

There’s a couple of things that are happening here.

One, his success is triggering the ego in others. The easiest thing to do is shoot someone down to make themselves feel better. Sure, I get that you may have a different approach to getting results than him, but then are these people actually looking into his results?

Do you know that his strategies are wrong, or are they just based on the education you had?

Normally people trigger other people negatively due to the lack of action and results they have in their life, so don’t get caught up in this BS cycle.

Also, the other reason that I wanted to bring this up was because of trolling. This kind of negative, low energy behavior in the industry actually stops a lot of people taking action on getting to the next level, and I don’t want that to be you if you are someone who can help others.

Sometimes all it takes is to see one bad comment on a thread and that can prevent someone from taking the first step to helping impact thousands of people, as I did with The Lunch Box Diet and with my efforts when I was a personal trainer.

Full transparency as always. I was certified with Premier training in 2005. I had my basic nutritional advisor certification… but I discovered something that worked for me, and then I tried it out with my clients and it worked.

I took a 3 page document on how I ate, gave it to my clients and it worked for them. I then turned that 3 page document into a 13 page ebook and called it The Lunch Box Diet. Now you can buy the published book by Harper Collins on Amazon and that landed me a $160,000 book deal.

This is one of the key principles to success. Take what works for you and your clients and build a product / program and then promote the crap out of it.

When you simply run with your ideas and you test new things, you will come up with your own formulas and systems. It’s happening all the time around you and most likely you have done things with clients, but just never spent the time to put together something into a product or service that can help people way beyond 1-1 sessions.

This is why the first stage to success as an authority is to take what is already working consistently for others and package it up into a system and process that others can follow. It’s called leverage.

Here’s another example of this. About six months after I signed up to work with Tony Robbins more closely in his Platinum Partnership, I went to one of his events in Fiji called Life and Wealth Mastery.

Great event… you do a big cleanse, learn a ton and it’s super fun. But Tony isn’t there in person. 

He has staff working for him, and then they show videos of Tony from when he’s about 30 years old. It’s genius and it’s the power of leverage.

You can start thinking the same way instead of trading time for money.

So we have to start somewhere, let’s start moving you up the authority ladder.

Step 1 – Get The Idea Out Of Your Head

Everyone has ideas, a tiny percentage of people take action on them. This is normally down to a few reasons. Lack of certainty that the idea will take off, lack of confidence or pure laziness. Hopefully you don’t fit into the last category, so the next step is to take your idea out of your head. For me that was The Lunch Box Diet. For you it may be your unique way of training or a niche you’re working with. The key is to focus on the actual results that people are getting from your unique ability. You have one, you may just not see it yet.

With a world of so many similar ideas, you may even take an existing idea, and put your own spin on it. This has been done countless times and you can do the same.

Step 2 – Go Into Production Mode

These days, there’s zero excuse for not producing something. It’s all pretty much free. You have google docs to write, iphones to record videos, online software to produce graphics, friends that have audio setups, students that want work experience.

You need to take your idea and put it into motion. Whether you’re writing an ebook / book, producing an online program or something else, just get it done. Or at least get part of it done.

When you think about the time it will take to complete it, that’s where the problem lies. When you just get moving, you gain momentum, which is exactly the same for someone who wants to lose weight. They need to see progress, and progress comes from starting.

For me originally I opened a word document and started writing. It wasn’t perfect to begin with, but I wrote an introduction, I wrote all the food groups out and what foods to include and what foods to exclude. After a while, you get into a flow, just the same as me writing this blog post. You have to let the creativity start for it to continue and for you to get more creative. You also have to be focused on your idea working and people buying, not people avoiding it. Law of attraction, for sure!

Step 3 – Start Spreading The Word

Once you have your product ready it’s time for you to start promoting it. For me this was about putting it onto my web site and learning copywriting to sell the product. The interesting thing about running a business is that every new creation creates a new problem. So for example, I’ve written my ebook, but now I need to write something to put on the web site. So then I started reading books on copywriting to discover good headlines. It’s normally here that most people stop. Don’t let that be you.

I would then come up with creative ways of getting my book out there in my gym. I would put up posters, I would go online and start talking about it. When it comes to promoting your product, you must must must find multiple spins for the same product. So for a diet product for example, five spins may be lack of confidence, energy, yo-yo- dieting, belly fat and food prep (all very important sub-topics in relation to weight loss).

This step of you getting your idea out there can be stressful because we live in a world of instant gratification and for some who don’t get instant results, may lose motivation. Keep going though, because the more consistent you are, the more will put up.

There’s a big rule about success that I teach all of my clients at Fitpreneurs and that’s to be consistent because baby steps compound into big wins. All the actions you take are building and building until one day, BOOM. A massive shift happens and only then you realize that all of the small steps mattered.

Step 4 – Start Collecting Results For The Media

This is an important step for ANY fitness business owner. Any time a client would tell me that they got results with The Lunch Box Diet, I would prime them up for an interview with my local newspaper. One of my clients Sarah cleared up her skin from the formula i generated for her. This was a great news piece for my local newspaper. I did this consistently every month, and every month other trainers in the gym would be confused as to why I was featured each month, sometimes with a full page. I was always on the phone with my news contact. That’s another big tip I can give you. The first contact is sometimes scary to make, but the relationship is easy to sustain.

Step 5 – Don’t Be Cheap, Invest In The Best

If you want to become an authority or influencer, you will probably need to develop skills that you don’t already have. For me I was ‘okay’ on camera, but i knew that if I wanted to be on TV, I would need to track down someone to train me. So while I was working in the gym, I started asking my contacts in London for anyone they knew who was amazing at TV presenter training. Always ASK questions to the contacts you have. This is key because I found talent who would train me up to be good for TV and she had worked with a lot of TV celebrities in the UK before I moved out here to California.

So I invested money for someone to spend the day with me and teach me how to be great on camera. This is something I now love to teach here in San Diego and it’s helped my clients catapult their video game to a whole new level. Maybe there’s someone in your area  who you can hire, or if not, it’s totally worth traveling to develop this skill. The truth is, if a TV opportunity comes up and you suck, they won’t have you back. Get training, become a badass and get rebooked.

The other HUGE benefit of hiring the BEST is their connections. The connection I made ended up landing me a segment with Jamie Oliver on TV and also opened up some other amazing doors.

Also check out web sites like

Star Now
Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
Need A TV Expert 

Step 6 – Pimp Yourself by Picking Up The Phone (Most Avoid This)

Once you have picked up the skills you need, you need to become relentless. This means putting yourself out there on social media, it means maybe going to auditions, calling the media, offering to write articles. You must, must, remove any BS excuses or stories  you have that will stop you.

I can remember the magazine Sport that started in and around London. At the time their circulation was about 300,000 people and they had no experts on fitness or food. So I went to the contacts section and I called and emailed everyone on the magazine introducing myself. Within a year I had written multiple articles, had a full double page spread in the magazine on my diet, they booked me for a day’s photoshoot and I was now expert for a national publication. All because I picked up the phone and I was willing to put myself out there. Here’s the cool thing, once you have these relationships, you can often get to create ideas that will be accepted because you have those relationships.

BONUS STEP: Leverage All Media You Get Across All Platforms

One of the big misconceptions about becoming an authority is that the coverage you get will instantly yield a big financial return. While that has happened to me with the review I generated in Elle Magazine etc, a lot of the job is yours to take the clips and media pieces and leverage that in all of your marketing. This then creates an authority aura around you. Then your job is to build this up over time.

Local media can then get you national media and national media can get you international media.

In addition, remember that publications, TV, radio. They all listen to each other’s shows. So the more you get yourself on podcasts, radio, TV, the more exposure you will have to other similar media outlets. If you do a good job, they will want to have you on their show!

One Of The Biggest Mistakes Ever!

The Lunch Box Diet journey for me was amazing, but if there’s one tip I can give you to really help accelerate everything it’s to have the correct business model. Truth is, while the media coverage was great, and the book deal was fantastic, if I had the business knowledge I have now, I would have had such a greater level of impact.

Why? Because the media and authority gives you eyes on you, but if you don’t have a solid business model you will bleed opportunity and potential revenue.

This is why there are thousands of ‘influencers’ out there with 100k followers, loads of interaction, but they’re suffering financially. It’s so critical that on the back end of the authority is a business that is setup in a strong way to support all of those efforts.

Check out this special free training that I put together with Anna Marsh on how she was able to grow a huge online business after much stress and anxiety. But now she travels all over the world with her skills… and you can too. Check it out here.





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