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101 Fitpreneur Business Tips You Wish You Read When You Qualified

I’ve been looking forward to doing this long post for a while. Why? Well of course I want to help you but also doing a 101 list always pushes you out of your comfort zone. You never know what the 101 will be until you just get going and then it all starts to flow. I want these fitness business tips to not only change the way you think, but give you a completely different view of the industry you’re in because right now so many trainers / studio owners are suffering. Think this is the longest post I’ve ever written so let me know what you think at the end in the comments!

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the New Encyclopedia of Modern Fitness Business Building, make sure you do that to further your learning.

This post is not for those that are new, not for those who have studios, not for those who have been in the industry for years, it’s for everybody. You’ll be able to use this as a useful reminder, whenever you’re lacking in motivation, need a kick up the butt or just want to take yourself to that next level.

A lot of what you’re about to read is based on my experience talking to and mentoring many AND of course my experience in the industry for many years. I’m now very fortunate to 100% focus on what I love, helping fitness professionals significantly not only grow their business but also change their lives. I want the business to give the owner a new lifestyle. That’s what it’s all about.

Let’s get going!

1 – The Problem is Rarely What You Think it is

In the MAJORITY of cases, what you think is the problem in your fitness business is not the problem. Most believe it to be one thing and that is far from the actual core issue which can come down to personal motivational drivers, confidence, self-worth and sales strategy. Everybody is unique and as soon as the REAL reason is identified, the floodgates can open. Let’s take the example of ‘i need more leads’. The actual outcome of leads is sales. Pointless getting more leads in if your sales strategy is flawed and you’re selling your services for peanuts.

2 – STOP Selling Your Time

People who want a lasting change do not give a shit about the time you’re giving them, they’re looking for a result. If you stop selling your time and start selling actually what they want, you’ll find you’ll connect at a deeper level and sell more of your services.

3 – Facebook Ads Work

Bottom line, right now Facebook advertising is one the fastest ways to get leads in the door quickly, but like anything else you need to know what you’re doing. Simply running an advert with no clear strategy is going to end up with you banging your head against a brick wall. Don’t run one advert and think it’s going to work first time, this is a big mistake I see FitPros making. Test, test, and test some more.

4 – Build Community

As well as training people, it’s about building a community of people who want to stay together and grow together. Once you start to do this, your business will grow and grow but you constantly need to be improving and tweaking. Community is only ever grown well from someone who understands the benefit of being a part of a community. Have you experienced it?

5 – It’s Not About the Money… Really?

I get it, you want to help people and so do I. However, I would imagine that maybe some reading this may say to themselves ‘it’s not about the money’ but on the flip side you want freedom, nice things and to create a nice lifestyle for yourself and your family. That requires money… so it IS about the money. So the problem with many trainers is, that they TELL themselves it’s not about the money so don’t make any and then get frustrated with not making any. Normally this is down to belief systems. No, you shouldn’t be focused on MAKE MONEY and then not serve, but in order to serve they need to invest in order to get committed, so by not focusing on this you may find yourself ‘blocked’.

If you’re one of these trainers who likes to be the ‘cheap’ and ‘give away for free’ person, understand you’re not actually helping people like that because you’re training them to value themselves at a ‘FREE or cheap’ level. You can’t grow a business or a person that way.

6 – Does Public Speaking Make You Want to Puke on a Treadmill?

The thought of public speaking for many will make you want to puke all over a treadmill, but that’s a good thing! Sign up to a Toastmasters event and learn how to get in front of people. If you’re good at public speaking then hold a small seminar in your gym or somewhere local so you can build value and trust. This is a great way to get in front of people and then talk about the awesome services you provide.

7 – NOW Not Tomorrow

If someone reaches out to you for help and you’re available, don’t hang around to book them in. Get them served right away. If someone raises their hand for help, it means they are in a peak moment of seeking help. There is a MUCH higher chance of them signing up with you when they are like this. If they sleep, their state may completely change and the chances of you closing the sale diminishes.

8 – Pre-frame

The conversation you have before someone becomes a client is important because it sets up the entire relationship. Changing micro elements of your systems will help you to take on more clients and get those clients better results. For example, just asking people to ‘Promise‘ that they will show up to their free session has proven to increase show ups. Pre-framing is also incredibly useful in other situations to ensure an action is taken. For example, if a friend of yours recommended you to their friend, but instead of just handing over your number said ‘he’s so good he’s full, if you can manage to get him to work with you snap it up’, that frames the conversation differently because of the language used. Needs to be true of course ;-). 

9 – Your Constant, Never Ending Self Development

If you are growing your clients are growing. The reason my business has radically increased is in direct relations to the amount of ‘good shit’ I put in my head. Why? Because if you’re calm, you have positive thoughts, this will leave to you having positive actions and results. If your head is mostly in the place of negative self-talk then how can you mentally pull the resources to grow your business? Check out which I discovered as a great resource.

10 – Hire Trainers With Passion

If you want to grow your fitness business then at some point you may need to think about hiring in another trainer. This will free up your time to work on the business and scale the income. Some don’t want to do this and that’s fine but understand you will get burned out by doing 1-1 sessions all day. It need to be a natural progression before you do this and you need to take on the RIGHT people who understand the culture of your business. Mould someone to your vision and skills, not take someone on who is hell bent on wanting to do things their way. This is your business after all.

11 – Semi-Private Is The Sweet Spot

The reason my clients radically boost their income is from introducing a special semi-private model with a particular structure on the pricing and length of commitment. This allows them to scale very quickly. Check out what Neil / Liam / Kelly talk about in the videos on the success stories page for more on this. It will transform your business radically.

12 – WOW

Don’t just get your nipples hard from making a sale, you constantly need to WOW your clients all the way through the process with you. That doesn’t mean just making them a cup of tea if they are early, go out of your way to make them feel special at every step of the journey. Do the unexpected, surprise them. If you do what others wouldn’t be willing to, you will hold on them for longer. Retention DOESN’T just come from them getting the body they want, it’s how you make them feel when they’re not with you.

13 – You’re Not Putting Enough Offers Out There

When mastered, if you can craft an offer you can change your business and you can change more lives. The majority of trainers are missing out on tens of thousands more per month by not putting out offers that get a prospect excited about taking that next step. There are hundreds of ways you can re-position your existing service in a new way that will get you new buyers. Bundling is one good example. Put together a collection of services and offer a discount.

14 – What’s Your Backup Fitness Business?

It’s always good to be running something alongside your existing business just in case some ‘shit hits the fan’ so to speak. This is why having a leveraged online coaching program and / or product is good for many trainers, NOT these MLM products that trainers sell just to make an extra few quid. Create something of your own and sell that. Of course you can sell supplements and create other ‘buckets’ of income but online is great because you can keep the costs to a minimum. There are plenty of people around the world that want your help, you just need to know how to structure it to make the level of income you want.

15 – Branding Your Future

Lots of varying views on this but I’ll give you mine. If you saw some shitty, unprofessional brand above this blog post it surely WOULD impact your view on my business. So, with that being said, I think a poor brand CAN effect your business, however, it shouldn’t be the first focus if you need to make some ££. You can look at it later. But when you do look at it, make sure you find the right people.

17 – Images Speak a Thousand Words

You can have great words, but if you combine that with a fantastic image that will most likely stir up emotions and help create impact faster. That’s why Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all so successful. So next time you write a post, don’t forget to find a powerful image to support it. You can use companies like for some really great images.

18 – What Stage of The Business Are You in?

Are you an infant, teenager, young adult or in your prime in your business? Understand that as you grow older in your business things change. The great news is, your income can rapidly shoot up even in the very early stages of your business. If you’ve been going for years, you may be losing ‘faith’ in the industry because your income doesn’t match your education level. Understand that this is primarily due to a lack of focus on business, sales and marketing skills. Once you dial these in you’ll get your mojo back.

19 – Constant Fitness Innovation

Everyone likes something new, so if you’re constantly innovating, finding out ways to stand out from the competition and show that you’re always moving with the times then you’ll find yourself out-performing your competition. It’s also good to look outside of this industry to see what others are doing and then apply it to fitness. This gives you a different perspective and an edge that most fail to look at.

20 – Length of Time in The Industry is Irrelevant To Level Of Income You Can Generate

I get that you want to get more ‘qualifications’ and that’s a really good thing to want to get faster results with your clients. But having knowledge without understanding  how to get people to invest in that knowledge is useless. I find this is more about significance above other trainers and fear of not being good enough than because you can’t get results now with what you already know. I’m NOT saying don’t do more courses, I’m just saying why not invest when you’re certain that you can sell and market what you learn.

21 – Why Aren’t You Setting Time Based Goals for Yourself?

This is a big one. Let’s say a new client came to you and her name was Anne. Let’s say you started training with Anne and you just went off with no time based goals, nothing you were both moving towards. What would be those results, compared with Joanne who came along and said that she had a holiday on the 28th September and she HAD to be in shape because she didn’t want to be the ‘fat one on the beach’ with her friends? Do you think the energy and passion would be different here? Of course! Most trainers are flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to their business. They have no clear vision, no plan and little motivation because they have ‘open ended’ goals. Nothing that they’re 100% clear and focused on. Don’t be that trainer. Know where you’re going and have someone hold your hand to get there quicker. People don’t hire you because they don’t know how to exercise, they could go to YouTube. They hire you because they want accountability, and for you to speed up the process with an effective system and to be around others pushing.

22 – Body Transforming Webinars

A webinar, if you don’t know, is a presentation that you stream live online. You would put together say 50 or so slides and present content to your audience which builds value and trust. It’s a great way to position you as an expert and then you can present an offer or opportunity to work with you.

23 – Always Strive for Quicker Results

If you’re constantly asking yourself this question and actioning, then you’ll always be growing your business. That doesn’t mean by enrolling in the latest training course either. Implementing a new accountability system, making sure you have the right conversation at the point of sale, helping clients with the resources to overcome other issues not in your service are all ways to boost results.

24 – Payments at Point of Sale

If you don’t have the ability to take a payment when someone is ready to buy then you will lose out on thousands. There are lots of ways of doing this so look into the options you have and then get this dialled in. If someone has to go away, they will start thinking about their decision and then will be likely to not follow through. Get them committed right there and then.

25 – Under-pricing

Fear, fear, fear. That’s what it’s all about. Once your confidence level increases and you charge more, not only will you make more money but your clients will get better results because they are committed at a different level. This is why I’m huge on confidence building in my mentorship. You can’t improve your sales strategy and be good at marketing when you’re lacking in confidence. If I’m to say to you now, put your prices up from the second you read this, what’s your instant reaction? Just think about it for a second… If you do NOTHING, it’s one of the reasons you need a coach.

26 – Commitment of Your Clients

Weight Watchers talk about all those that are doing well, not the ones that are not. Why do the majority not get results on these programs? I don’t even want to go into the nutrition side of things, but a big one is the level of commitment that people who pay a small amount per month have. My clients on average sell a £1k package on FIRST SALE. This means they get a completely different client than if that person paid little. Part of the commitment job is on you directing and leading the client as well as them accepting.

27 – 1-1 Personal Training is Not Scalable

If you’re currently doing 1-1 sessions, that’s fine but from a business perspective understand it’s not scalable. You can’t do 1-1 sessions, earn the level of income you want and not get burned out. Most people want freedom, so what happens is as you earn more, your freedom goes down. A much better formula is to introduce a semi-private system that gets great results, is scalable and then you can look to hire in trainers (if that’s what you want). I’m not saying that 1-1 is a BAD thing, if you want to be doing 1-1. But if you want to earn more than you are now, part of the reason you may be frustrated could be that you don’t know how to scale the business up. My clients sell big packages, run semi-private sessions and introduce online programs. They scale their income quickly. Check out some of the case studies here.

26 – Struggling With Boot Camps?

I don’t often speak to many boot camp owners who are ‘crushing it’. In fact most are struggling, they have high dropout rates and can’t seem to work out why. I’m not saying that you can’t run a profitable boot camp business, in fact you can, but the semi-private model seems to work much better for my clients and they get better results. A combination of semi-private and boot camp can work well, and in fact there’s no reason why people won’t go from a boot camp directly into a £1k, 12 week semi private offer.

27 – Get on Camera & Be The Star

If you’ve got the balls to get on camera then you will stand out from the competition. Why not share your tips, advice and become the true star that you can be to your clients. It’s a great way to connect and also gives you some good free traffic juice from ‘YouTube’. It’s played a huge role in my success and once you get used to it, becomes second nature.

28 – Your Fears Are Holding You Back

If someone’s not taking action, often it’s easy to believe that is something else rather than the core problem which most of the time can lead back to fear. Fear about what others will think, fear of failure, it’s a problem that many trainers suffer with and if you’re not where you want to be then chances are fear and resistance are playing their game with you without you even knowing about it. What’s the opposite of this? Well of course, confidence and while you may find yourself confident on the ‘gym floor’ you may constantly find that in your business your level of confidence is the same as when you did your first ‘official’ training session. Then you got used to it and now its second nature just like driving. It’s the same when it comes to running your business, you just have to learn the disciplines.

29 – Constantly Invest If You’re A True Business Owner

If you want to run your business like a business then you have to understand investing rather than keeping hold of your money and spending it on yourself. Once you start investing in the right places you’ll start to see big growth which allows you to invest more and more. I’ll give an example. Investing in a business mentor to most is seen as ‘expensive’, but those that DO invest understand that it’s a lot more expensive to not know how to sell and market and keep going as you are and try to figure that out for yourself. In fact, it can cost a fortune, if I hadn’t invested in one of my mentors when I did it would have cost me $500k in the first 12 months (had I carried on the way I was going). So the investor knows, hire the best, learn quickly then use the money from the growth to hire more people and start outsourcing the things that you do now but you shouldn’t be doing (admin, Facebook ads etc.). Of course, investing doesn’t mean just on the business side, making more allows you to invest in your own self-development which will also build the business. I’m constantly investing so that I save money!

30 – Why Does Your Monthly Income Stay the Same?

The majority of personal trainer income stays around the same month in month out maybe shifting £500 – £1k depending on the size of the business. Why is that? The first reason is that most don’t have a system to their marketing. They take on some clients, reach a ‘comfortable’ number and then relax until they lose someone. This isn’t the best way to run a business. Another reason is of the belief that you can’t scale the business which I touched on earlier. Many don’t really want to work longer hours, so they sit in the place that is financially comfortable unless someone comes along with their hand holding cash and then they open the slot because the money is too hard to refuse. Again, this isn’t the way to run the business which is why teaching leverage is so important, i.e. how to scale the business without getting burned out and making more money (without selling crap to your clients). Just being aware that you can make more and work less is key, because then you can seek the solution.

31 – Breaks in Your Systems, Costing You Big?

While most run their business by the seat of their pants, the more and more you dial in the systems in your business the more you’ll see it start to grow. Every part of your business has a system in place. When you take on a new client, you have a system, from the way you take payment to what happens if someone doesn’t show up. What the majority don’t do is constantly dial in these systems.  Tiny changes over the course of a year can = to big profits which means you’ll be spending more time on the beach chilling out after training people a lot. But most don’t get this time off because they haven’t dialled in their systems. Listen to this Fitpreneurs podcast all about systems, and don’t forget to check out previous episodes.

32 – What’s Your Bigger Mission?

Why did you get into this industry in the first place? Especially if you’ve been in the industry a while it’s easy to get distracted and lose your focus on the goal of your ‘bigger mission’. Or maybe you don’t have one and you need to set one. Do you want to serve people all around the world instead of doing it locally?  Have you really thought about how you want to do that, or are you just going day by day with no clear plan? In addition, it’s easy to get pulled away from your mission from the financial reward of something that may not be serving your clients.  Spend some time and work out what your real mission and objective is, then and only then can you work out an execution plan. On accelerator calls, part of what happens is that we help trainers get clear on where they are going and then get into action.

33 – Motivating Your Staff to Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you find yourself with staff members / trainers who are lacking in motivation then this comes down to recruitment and lack of leadership skills. As much as that may be a tough pill to swallow it’s true. Do you know the true desires and goals of your staff members / trainers? Is there a culture in the business which they are aligned with and do they support it? Sometimes, as tough as it may be, you may need to do the right thing and fire them and find someone that is. It can be costly to keep them within the business. First look within to have the honest conversation with yourself to ask whether it’s your process that needs to be improved to better educate, then and only then should you look to an alternative route.

35 – You Must Constantly Grow Your Your Business Muscles

I’m going to keep on repeating this concept because this post is about pushing your business forward. You must constantly be looking on ways to grow and improve the business and as the leader that’s your job to take on that responsibility and spend time outside of lifting weights and training people. Bottom line is you can get to exactly where you want to be but you have to put your business cap on.

36 – Fall in Love with Your Clients

Remember the last time you met someone for the first time and you felt that instant attraction, but then over time the relationship just grew and grew and the passion got deeper and deeper? You need this kind of approach when working with new clients and this is why they will stay with you for a long time. Fall in love with them to a completely different level so that they feel connected, loved, that you care beyond anyone else that they have ever worked with. Surprise them and give that experience that they tell your friends about you while they are having a bite to eat or a few drinks. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking ‘I do that’ then great, but how can you do it better?

37 – Build Value & Trust (The £1000 Container)

The level of income you generate, and ultimately the amount of people you end up helping is in DIRECT relation to how much goodwill you have in the marketplace. Imagine a plastic container and in that box is a water-proof envelope with £1000 cash in it, but in order to collect it you need to fill the container with water and that water is represented by value. The quicker you fill up the container with value, the quicker you get to cash in the £1000. The great news is, one AWESOME piece of value that someone determines to them to be amazing could fill that container within one shot, but for someone else it may take several big jugs in order to fill the container (video, eBook, webinar, podcast). Provide more value and get clients invested quicker. I have one particular strategy called the ‘TS Session’ I used with my clients that fills this pretty quickly and that’s why their income shoots up quickly. Once you have a few of these under your belt, your business will shoot up.

38 – Do You Need to Boost Your Level of Confidence?

Do you find that on the gym floor you’re super confident with clients but when it comes to marketing and selling yourself you feel like you’re shy, lack self-worth and really ‘hate selling’? Don’t worry that’s pretty common and many trainers I work with have confidence issues. While a spoonful of ‘man the fuck up’ can be a good remedy for few, I’ll be honest, this is about someone pushing you out of your comfort zone and sometimes just giving you the kick up the butt to go and do the things you know you’ve been putting off. A common symptom of a lack of confidence in this area is detracting yourself by making tweaks to your web site, procrastination and telling yourself things like ‘people don’t have the money to spend, there aren’t enough people in my area’. This is caused by a lack of confidence in your own ability. It’s simply bullshit stories you keep telling yourself. Without correcting this you’ll struggle even if you do learn the latest ‘tactic’ because you’ll sabotage your success by protecting yourself to the level of success you deserve. If you keep on gathering information but not taking action this is also another key symptom.

39 – Objections

I’m going to hit you HARD with this one. Bottom line, if you’re not able to overcome sales objections (in parallel with a good sales system) you’re screwing yourself out of the freedom you want. If someone comes to you but then you’re handling a price objection in the wrong way, you probably could have got a new client but you didn’t handle it the right way. The same goes for lots of other objections that will come up in a sales conversation. You must, must, must get better at selling what you do so that you can build the business. This also effects lead generation because subconsciously if you aren’t making sales you won’t be motivated to generate more leads. I teach my clients how to sell effectively, they start selling big packages and then they dial in the leads, the system and the business scales quickly. Objections is a big part of this.

40 – Your Niche

Rather than being the personal trainer that trains everybody, you want to carve out who you want to work with specifically so that you can really laser focus your marketing to that audience. Let’s say the majority of people you train are mums. The way that you speak to a mum in your marketing is very different in the way you would market your message to a guy or even a female who isn’t a mum. When you’re creating videos, emails, putting out that value that’s all so important you want to laser target what you say so it resonates. What’s more you can also craft offers that are specific to that market. Decide who your perfect client is and then build your marketing around that client. You’ll end up with more of who you want and you’ll find the marketing side a lot easier.

42 – Clients Who Drain You

The great thing about dialling in your lead generation and sales is that you can be much more selective about who you work with. So many trainers take on clients because they need the money. Not everyone is a right fit to work with you and I can guarantee that if you’ve been in the industry any length of time you’ve worked with or are still working with a client that drains you emotionally. My advice on this is that you should get them out of your business as quickly as possible, if the ‘brutal and honest’ conversation doesn’t make any difference. An energy drain will zap your productivity and simply you’ll find it a struggle to find new business when you’re not in the right head space. Drop them, then hustle to get a replacement if you’re desperate. In addition a drain like this in your business may also directly play a role in your level of confidence if the client is claiming you’re not getting the results, where in fact they are not taking the action. Just some food for thought.

43 – Be the Dr

You wouldn’t go to a doctor with a problem and them diagnose and give you a solution and you turn around and ask for half of the treatment. It’s your job to be the expert but many fitpros end up buckling through fear and don’t stand firm on what the client needs and end up underselling the client on what is right for them. This is a huge problem in the industry. This comes down to level of self-confidence and not focusing on the ‘money they have to spend’, more often than not can be a game you’re playing in your head more than anything else.

44 – Leveraging the Media

If you want to be recognised for what you do, get more leads and position yourself at a different level from your audience then get into the local then national media. Raising your profile is great, plus you can leverage it to get on TV and much more. Become the authority in your area by using your client’s case studies / providing value to the newspaper / radio show and then use your logos on your web site etc. Oh and there’s nothing like that feeling when you open the pages of a magazine you respect and your face / quote is in there.

45 – Stop Screwing People Over

Day by day, second by second, people are suffering because lots of personal trainers are failing to get off their arses, be true to themselves and go out and help the people they want to help. Instead, they moan about their income, watch as other trainers pick up the clients that they know they could have helped, but through lack of action they move no closer to their goal and shift blame to others. If you really want to have an impact on the industry, be relentless with your value, be relentless with your action and ask yourself this daily question, “if this was my last week on earth, what would I do TODAY, to help and spread my message?“. This post is an example of that.

46 – Cut through People’s Bullshit

Let’s be honest, we’re all good at spouting BS from time to time, but when it’s not serving us, few are willing to step up and call us out on it. When someone does, rather than you believing it will harm your business, understand that you will get respect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s done with love and that’s key. If someone says something that is just a story they keep on telling themselves I need to break their pattern and introduce a new perspective. If you’ve followed Tony Robbins for any length of time you know he does this really well. If someone is doing something destructive, tell them. Call them out. If someone doesn’t want me to call out their BS, it’s not a fit and we wouldn’t work well together anyway so there’s no loss on either side. If someone feels they need a kick up the ass then we’re the perfect match made in heaven.

47 – Blogging Your Income Up

Blogging is a great way to build trust with your audience, is great for positioning and of course, if your posts are good they are likely to get shared, which exposes you to more people. A big mistake many people make is feeling like you ALWAYS have to create new posts, where actually you can just get a few key posts that turn into leads and then run those as adverts, or keep on pushing them out on a regular basis. I update my blog on a regular basis, but I still share my old posts, because not everybody sees them. Make sure you have an intention for each post. Before you write it, ask yourself, what’s the next action you want people to take?

48 – Stick with the Social Network You’re Best at

Facebook is my thing. I’m pretty good at it. Twitter, I don’t use at all. Why? Because I just have never gravitated towards it. Sure, I could ‘push myself’ to use it but I would rather get awesome at one than be ‘average’ at both. That’s just my approach. I know that many people use all of the social networks and there’s a lot of benefits to the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and plenty of others. Bottom line, use what works best for you, dial in a strategy and then get good at it. Rinse and repeat. If you’ve been pushing one for a while and not getting results, just understand it’s because you’ve not been executing in the right way. Most likely down to the value you’re putting out there, your offer and of course closing the sale.

49 – Getting Clients to Stay With You

There are plenty of genuine reasons why clients may stop working with you, but bottom line if they don’t feel like they’re progressing, they’re not taking action on what you teach them and they don’t feel a sense of community and taken care of, they’ll be off. It happens, but you can of course reduce the chances of it happening by constantly improving everything in the business. This comes back to your systems, WOWing, going above and beyond, constantly keeping on your toes to push them beyond their limits and make sure what they are doing OUTSIDE of the time they are with you is dialled in just as the sessions they spend with you or your team. How committed are they? How committed are you to constantly looking at the business?

50 – Preventing Burnout

There’s a very fine balance between pushing so hard you reach breaking point and not working enough to build the business. I’m getting better at this and I can tell you honestly and from experience that meditation, taking time out to relax, taking a spa day off, forcing myself out of my work environment has played a huge role in my level of productivity. Bottom line is you CAN scale your business without working more hours, you just need the system in place to get there. Don’t get stuck into the ‘busy fool’ mentality. It’s so important for your own wellbeing that you schedule time in your diary when you know you’re likely to get burned out. I recently introduced Yoga into my routine and this helped a lot. If you’re not taking care of yourself you’re not taking care of your clients as effectively as you could and you’ll start to create negative thoughts patterns. You need from time to time to let the battery run to empty before charging it again. Most spend every day on charge and then let it drop back to 90% and up it goes again. Try going from 95% to 60% or 95% to 40% or even 95% to 20%. Ask yourself ‘what would need to happen for me to do that?’

51 – What Level of Action Taker are You

There’s something I talk about which is the level of action taker someone is. You’re either a non-action taker which means you don’t take much action on what you learn at all. Few are here. Then there’s the part action taker. This is where most people sit. You take information, take some action but don’t follow through and revert back to a comfort zone (strangely why clients don’t get results, hint hint). Then there’s the action taker who follows through on most of what they learn. These are the few that become very successful. A job of a mentor / coach as you are is to take someone who is a part-action taker and make them a majority action taker. Who is helping you do this in your business?

52 – Overcoming Overwhelm

If you’re overwhelmed it normally means you’re not chunking things down enough into small sized pieces, and this can also lead to procrastination. For example this blog is a bit of a heft task to create. 101 tips and I’ve not written them all in one sitting. Instead I’ve been writing 10 in a row and then taking a break, and spreading it out over the course of a few days. This way it still gets done but it’s manageable. So instead at looking at your new project as HUGE and unreachable, chunk that bad boy down into bite size bits. Same for weight loss clients right? They need to lose a stone? Don’t focus on the stone, focus on the first lbs, or however you measure. That way when they hit the smaller goal they will feel a sense of achievement.

53 – Passive Income Profits

Especially if you’ve been in the industry for a while, chances are you’ve been on a ton of training courses and you’ve accumulated a bunch of knowledge which is great, but highly frustrating if you’re not being rewarded and recognised for all the effort you’ve put in. So why not in that case create a premium information product that sells for say £197 that if you sold every day for 30 days would make you over £5k in revenue…

54 – It’s Okay to Not be Okay

We all have off days. It’s normal. Blimey, I talk about mine plenty, about my struggles, my addictions. People will connect with you more if you’re authentic and real than if you’re trying to hide the real you. Personally I want people to be attracted to the real me, not some fake persona. So, I’ll openly admit I’m still growing in many areas of my life, I still struggle with stuff but each time I overcome something I share what I did and how I managed to get over it. It’s leadership when you think about your clients and prospects in this way. It’s okay not to be okay… okay? 🙂

55 – The Culture of Your Fitness Business

One of the most public ways of building an awesome culture within business is taught by Tony Hsieh from Zappos in his book Delivering Happiness. It’s a great book. I would imagine that right now you haven’t written out the way in which you want the culture to run in your business. This is something I did recently and it’s a great way of getting your staff to get in alignment of your mission and for you to get clearer on how you want the business to run. Have a read of what is on the Zappos web site about their culture. Separate yourself by having a culture and mission to serve beyond others… Most don’t.

56 – What You Tell Yourself, is it True?

Negative self-talk brings your clients down and I guarantee that based on my experience it’s the same patterns that destroy a personal trainer’s dreams. If you ask the wrong question to yourself you’ll get the wrong answer and if you’ve told yourself something enough times you’ve probably convinced yourself it’s true. “I can’t charge more”, is a very common one, “I can’t earn that amount without working X hours” is another one. You constantly have to challenge the negative and ask yourself “is this actually true”, or is it something I’m telling myself. Your reality is only based on your own experience and the views, thoughts of those around you. If you’re around others that aren’t pushing you and draining you, their thoughts and ideas will secure themselves in your brain. A thread popped up into my newsfeed from someone who was seeking help in building his business and someone popped up basically telling him he didn’t need help and these people (like me) were out to rip him off. Bottom line if that person surrounds himself with this kind of mind-set, he will end up failing. If he gets around business owners who push him and grow him, he’ll shift into a new set of gears. Your support / peer network and proximity is key… More on this later.

57 – Struggle with Marketing? Learn…

Building your business requires marketing. Marketing is the art of getting somebody or a group of people aware about your business. Once they are in front of you then the sales process begins. If you want your business to prosper, you need to constantly be ‘at it’ when it comes to marketing. Not once a month, not once a week, but daily, multiple times a day. If you don’t know what you’re doing then learn. There’s plenty of free stuff out there, there are plenty of books, there’s plenty of courses and there are plenty of coaches and mentors who have the specific strategies that work for the industry you’re in. Don’t get caught up in ‘waiting’ for people to come to you and being comfortable. That is not the way a business operator works, that’s the way an employee works.

58 – Fear of Failure

People don’t move forward because they feel they are going to fail and possibly look stupid. Especially if you’ve ‘failed’ before, it becomes harder to take actions moving forward. Here we just need a bit of a reframe. Look at ‘failure’ as feedback. Try, try again, try again and try again. Stop giving up too early and kick that fucker that is fear in the teeth. If you keep on pushing through what is uncomfortable in all areas of your life, not just fitness, but business as well, just imagine how much of a better example you will be to your clients, your friends and family. Oh and understand that you may not be moving forward also because of being singled out by those that may be jealous about your success. When you feel resistance (fear), take a deep breath, step forward and take action. What are three times when you did something that you feared but it was okay? Think about that the next time you’re being a pussy and not doing what you know you need to do.

59 – On the Business, Not in the Business (Heard that before?)

If you’ve heard this phrase before it means you’ve been studying fitness marketing before and you’ve been exposed to it. If you haven’t, I’ll explain. It’s easy to get caught up in every part of your business that you shouldn’t be doing. The admin, the cleaning, the training. If you want this to be a business for you and to scale it to the big numbers you want, you’re going to need to remove the need to keep doing everything yourself. This takes some balls as many want to ‘keep hold’ through fear of the work not being done correctly, but most of the time you’ll find that someone else doing it will be much better for your business than you think. You may not be at the point right now, where you want to have other trainers working for you, but you may get to that in the future. Most of the time it happens when a trainer gets burned out and doesn’t start enjoying it as much as when you first qualified. Do you want to be a trainer full time or be a business owner? There’s a difference and that will change over time.

60 – Boosting Your Closing Ratio

The words you say, the conversation you have, the emotions you create all change the decision making process. IT IS RARELY ABOUT THE MONEY! Think about it… people are walking around with nice clothes, they get cars on payments and they put things on credit cards. If people aren’t investing in you right now, it’s in direct relation to the conversation you’re having with them and whether you’re showing the value of what you do in the right way that gets them to want to take action straight away. This is a learned skill and THE biggest reason I see most trainers fail. Yet they want to ‘go cheap’ and do it themselves. This will cost you a FORTUNE long term. There’s absolutely NO point in me teaching you any lead generation strategies until I first teach a sales strategy that you love to use and that works well. That’s what these guys used.

61 – Moving into Your First Studio

Unless you have a bunch of money to invest up front and have your marketing and sales systems dialled in, it should be a natural progression to move into a studio. Many jump in when they don’t have the skills dialled in which means they create themselves a problem. They now have bigger overheads, no leads coming in but a really nice new studio or facility that they can call their own and feel a sense of significance from. I want any trainer to have a studio, and I want any studio to be successful, but survival is not the same as success and I want you to be successful. Build your confidence, teach you systems for sales and marketing and then you can really make the most of the studio you have or want. Bottom line if you’re not where you want to be right now you can change it, but you need to do exactly that, make some changes. Changes most aren’t willing to make through fear.

62 – What the Training Companies Taught You

The reason why I get so many FitPros reaching out to me for help is because the majority of training providers don’t give you the mind-set, business, marketing and sales skills to get you to where you want to be. Seriously, what is the point in putting a trainer into the industry if they can barely get by (many dropping like flies by the way so if you’re reading this, hang in there, there is hope!)  In the time I’ve been working with FitPros and based on my personal experience, the industry just hasn’t changed enough in this area but fortunately there is help for you if you want to grow your business but you need to look at it like an investment (meaning you’ll put money in and get money back out – very quickly I might add). Going back to what I was saying earlier, be careful to add to your ‘training certifications’ if you can’t actually sell yourself once you’ve learned that new skill. If you can get results now, learn how to build your business, THEN do more course and then scale. That makes logical sense right? But most do this. Quality… more courses, more courses, more courses, but still don’t have the business skills. Wrong approach in my opinion.

63 – Your Circle of Influence, Proximity is Power

If someone is fat, they’re not going to get slim by surrounding themselves with other people stuffing their faces with cookies. The same goes for building your business. Even if you just start on social media, get around those who have successful businesses and create a network of positive minded people who can assist in your growth not your decline. Fine example is a trainer in a big box gym. Sat there with a bunch of other trainers moaning about not getting any clients, while there’s another trainer who ignores them and goes out and walks the floor picking up clients. Don’t be the one to get into the habit of wrongly convincing yourself there’s no business based on your peer network. Also, when I say ‘proximity is power’, this is about getting as close as you can to the key influencers in your industry and doing whatever you can to learn from them to help you grow. The closer you get, the more you will shift your business into another gear.

64 – It’s All About the Hustle

I’m a hustler, through and through which means that I’m constantly looking for opportunities, always taking chances, always pushing forward, getting out of my comfort zone and doing what it takes to help people. It’s a relentless series of daily actions in which the hustler fears not about what people think. If you’re a hustler you’ll know because your mind will constantly be ‘on it’. Instead of watching TV you’re writing blogs, in the morning you’re providing motivation updates, you’ll get up in the middle of the night and have to scribble down ideas. Constant, daily, passionate hustle. Can you become a hustler? Yes, but if you’re not right now it means we need to do some work on your level of passion and determination to serve at a new level and your driving force is well beyond you but it’s driven to get what you want (your personal goals + your mission + your daily actions).

65 – Visualise Your Future & Believe it Can Happen

Strangely pretty much everything I have wanted to happen in my business and personal life has happened over the past 18 months. I’ve bought the things I’ve wanted and I’m constantly surpassing my expectations and so are my clients. Here’s the first trick, you MUST, MUST, MUST know where you are going. Next you must be clear that you are able to get what you want, then when you have this belief, you get in the right mind-set and you move into massive action to get exactly what you want. Every day you look at images and videos of what you desire and as a result you take the daily actions to move closer towards that goal. Income generation really is in your control when you use this kind of focus. BAM!

66 – Fuck Your Comfort Zone

Yes, frankly this is the truth. Every day you probably push your clients so far out of their comfort zone they want to puke, and while you may have a smug grin on your face and do this for yourself in your training, the exact same principle must be applied when running your business. What will make your income jump is just like your muscles building. You don’t just perform one rep for growth, you hammer that fucker repeatedly until it’s forced to grow and no matter how hard you push, you always go that little bit further. Just as soon as it’s had a little rest, you’re back on it. Then you might sprint, try another combination. Do you have this level of passion for the business side? Step out of your comfort zone like you do in your training.

67 – Raise Your Prices…. Like Yesterday, Here’s Why MOST Won’t

The fear tip I posted earlier is highly relevant to one. Bottom line is you can charge more, you can get clients committed over a longer period, you can change your income radically by increasing your prices but most won’t simply through fear. You’re worth exactly what you charge right now. I help my clients move closer and closer towards the premium end of the market and you can do exactly the same, if not on your own then with a nudge.

68 – Understanding Your Distractions

Dog taking a fancy to your leg?  Watching trashy TV? No not these type of distractions. I’m talking about the ones that you’re probably not even aware of. It took me years to figure this out, but if you’re finding yourself not moving with your business you may find you distract yourself from doing the things you know you need to do with pointless activities that soak up your time but generate little or no activity. I used to spend HOURS on my web site making tweaks and changes for example. I’d learn about a new headline formula and then in a very OCD fashion sit there, make the change and wait 24 hours for some more traffic to come to the site and then react to it and make another change. This cycle continued for months and months in different ways. STOP IT! Go and help some people and make some god damn sales! This is a marketing disease that will cripple your business if you let it continue.

69 – Have More Really Freaky Sex

A good humping every now and again, especially up against a car has actually proven to increase personal training clients by 29%, if, and only if, you perform the act in a public place. No seriously, this is number 69, so I figured if you got this far you’re both really awesome and very dedicated. I want to thank you but also need to change your state slightly, so this one is a little bit weird for a reason. Maybe take a break from the computer for a few seconds, grab a drink, share this post with a few PT friend of yours (I’d really appreciate that), and then carry on with the next one. 🙂

70 – Find Local Businesses to Work With

Right now there are clients of other businesses who would love to do business with you and I would imagine that your clients would love to do business with them. So instead of sticking to Facebook, why not get out there, make some meaningful connections and create a new lead flow from hairdressers, beauty salons, massage therapists etc. It’s easy to get stuck in a ‘digital zone’ when there are so many other opportunities available.

71 – Find a Mentor, Fast… Failing To Do So Will Cost You Money… DAILY!

Here’s the truth, trying to figure out the broken parts of your business yourself WILL COST hundreds of thousands of pounds in the long run. Finding someone who has already had the success that you want and hiring them to supercharge your process will save you time, stress and money. Find someone who you resonate with, who has the same vision for your business as you do and get working with them. If they are good they will push you out of your comfort zone, get you in the right mind-set and you’ll be off. Just don’t hire them and think that investing is your key to riches, you must follow the system and do the work.

72 – Create a To Do List & Blast through it

On the days where I have a list of tasks vs the ones that I don’t, I’m far more productive. Prioritise by the one that will bring you the biggest result and understand that your mind will want to play silly tricks on you. It will try and stop you from doing the most important one that is the toughest. Get the one done first that you’re resisting. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this little trick.

73 – Marketing Funnels Make You Money

A funnel is the process of taking a lead and turning that lead into a client. When you understand this concept but then execute a funnel that works, it will change the way you think about your business. A funnel can be a short two step action, or it can be a big video series of content that builds value over time. The more funnels you have working the more business you get. But one good one is better than 3 that don’t work. Fine tune your funnels.

74 – Go Above & Beyond

I don’t have kids yet but I like to think I treat my clients with the love and attention that a parent would a child. I want to make sure they are taken care of, feel loved. I’m just running my business like I would like to be treated if I were a client. Do I get it right all of the time? Of course not, but I’m constantly improving, sharing, pushing them and holding their hand of they need a bit of TLC. Go above and beyond.

75 – Consistency Will Outperform Your Competition

A sudden spark of motivation and action may get you a short term win, but it’s the constant action that will see you through to your goals and dreams. If you’re only reactive to getting new business when you lose some or get financially uncomfortable then don’t be surprised if your business isn’t growing at the rapid rate that you would like.

76 – Direct Response Flyers

Instead of creating flyers with your logo plastered all over it, get good at copywriting and create a compelling reason why people should hire you. Use some case studies, put together an irresistible reason for people to get started with you the moment they have in their hands. If you’re basically sending out a printed version of your web site and not getting response, don’t be surprised if you’re not getting a return from your drops. Stand out, be different.

77 – Constant Client Testimonials

Create a system in your business whereby you have a constant stream of testimonials coming in then use this on social media and the rest of your marketing. Don’t be afraid to ask. The bigger bank of testimonials you have the better. Check these out from my awesome FitPros who aren’t just doubling their business in a year, they’re doing it within 30 days of signing up.

78 – Facebook Groups

With Facebook dropping the exposure of your business content more and more, there’s a real benefit to building groups on Facebook. Why not start your own local health and fitness group and help people. That way you can grow it and when people are ready to move forward, you’ll be front of mind.

79 – Real Time Marketing

The great thing about social media is that you can share what’s happening RIGHT NOW to help build your business, and with so many things going on in the world surrounding your industry, you can ‘piggy back’ on what’s trending and have it build your business too. So keep updated on everything that’s happening in the health and fitness world and when a big story hits on social media, ride that and help it supercharge your presence on the social media channels you use best.

80 – Opening on the Gym Floor is Like Asking a Girl on a Date

Do you let out a little poo thinking about approaching people on the gym floor, the same kind of feeling when you want to ask someone out on a date? Don’t worry it’s normal. Here’s the funny thing. Someone on the cross trainer is thinking “I’m fucking bored of this thing” and you’re thinking “they must be fucking bored of that thing”, yet both don’t do anything about it. So why not approach and ask a quick question like you’re taking a survey. Open up the conversation in a different way and remove the ‘they’re going to want to punch me in the face’ mind-set. This is all just mind-games you know.

81 – It’s Dangerous to Get Comfortable

Back to the comfort topic since I like it so much. The actions you’re not taking right now are likely to be the ones that give you the breakthroughs. I’m also constantly doing things like this in my business. Now when I feel that little stomach feeling, I notice in myself that it can mean I’m at the point of a breakthrough, not that I should pull away.

82 – It’s Rarely About Where You Live

Where you live rarely has anything to do with the fact that you’re not making the money you want as a trainer. Just imagine for a second if you lived in an area with 100 people. Yep that’s it, 100 people. What would you do? Do you think you could sign up 1 of those people? You’re probably thinking, a lot more than that right? Well that’s very true. If you only had a 100 people, what would you do? So now for those who have a few thousand, stop telling yourself the story that’s not true, when the truth is you’re using it as an excuse not to do what needs to be done. Go out and help people.

83 – I’m Calling BULLSHIT on Your Time Excuses

If someone says they don’t have the time it just means they don’t want to do it enough. Let’s take the example of a father who is working from home. His child comes in and says “daddy can I play” and the father says “no, I don’t have the time”. Second scenario, child screams “daddy, I’ve just hurt myself”, so daddy finds time and helps child. This is a taught in the book called The Big Leap, a fantastic read about getting your mind to the next level. Now, of course, could we better optimise our time so we’re not doing the things that are draining our time that we can outsource? Of course yes. But please, please call BS on your time excuses and have the honest conversation with yourself. You just don’t want it enough. Same goes for your clients.

84 – Battling With ‘Low Cost’ Gyms

Low cost doesn’t mean it’s full of people with no money. Stop that.

85 – Don’t Get Lazy, Your Clients Will Tell

I like to think I have a pretty solid work ethic. I love what I do, I’m constantly working and I’m always making sure my clients are moving forward. It’s easy to get lazy, but more than that, it’s easy to get lazy when you’re stressed about things other than your clients, such as money, work, relationships etc. Often we have to make some tough life decisions to ensure we are properly on track. I had to do it when I left my home town of Exeter to move to Bath. I left behind friends because I was being destructive to myself. Understand that if you’re being lazy and not really pushing it could be down to something a bit deeper. Or, you’re just being lazy through being comfortable. Sometimes we need a bit of a wakeup call.

86 – What State Are You in Right Now?

All throughout your day, the ‘state’ in which you are in is constantly changing based on what’s going on around you. One day you may be up, another you may be down. If you’re in a stressed state MOST of the time, how do you think that will affect your business? Do you think you will be able to pull the resources you know you have to get business, or will you be worrying about money? Instead of thinking ‘why can’t I’ ask yourself ‘how can I’. Change your state, change your life. Get yourself in the right headspace to move your business forward.

87 – Become an Author

I started my personal training career and pretty quickly became a published author (£120,000 book deal) with Harper Collins with The Lunch Box Diet. This quickly supercharged my status and allowed me to do more and more, not only nationally in the UK but all over the world. The great news is, that you can easily become an author yourself, get your own kindle book on amazon and leverage that to create your own bigger impact around the world. Plus when you’re called an ‘author’ you separate yourself from the competition and helps you get into the media. Don’t expect to make a fortune from a book without a big following. Your book should be used as a lead generator into your personal training, online coaching or high end back end of products. I’m not saying you can’t make a lot as an author, just that there’s a quicker way to get your message out there.

88 – Prevent Burning Out, Reward Yourself

If you are going to hit your business hard, then you should reward yourself for your hard efforts. Also this is great for when you hit targets. When you give yourself rewards you reinforce your success and you’ll be more inspired to keep on hitting through your other goals. It doesn’t have to be a big reward, or it could be something awesome. Set your goal, set the reward for hitting that goal and see what happens.

89 – Don’t Go Online For the Wrong Reasons

Okay I’m big on this one and I want to give you an example of why this is so important. I was working with a client recently and he had an idea for an online product. Don’t get me wrong I love online products. You leveraging your time and producing something once and selling it over and over again with little overheads is brilliant and I’ve done it multiple times. However many trainers are reverting to the online model because they can’t get their offline business to work.

90 – Damaging Your Reputation Selling SHIT

When there’s a need for money, it’s easy to look at opportunities not because they are actually worthwhile, but because they are going to financially benefit someone and it’s easy to get sucked in because of what you could sell your clients to make a quick buck. I’m not going to name any particular products but we all know about the majority of them. Trainers will openly admit to me on calls that they are selling stuff for the money. Bottom line, I want to create a business for trainers that doesn’t force them into that position. Build a business based on honesty, integrity and use the approaches that best serve the client, for their health!

91 – Tell People about Your Struggles

Be raw and authentic. I’ve publicly talked about my cocaine addiction, the bullying I encountered and the kind of success that I’m having. People connect with those that they relate to and bottom line is that I want to work with people who are cool, so I’m just going to be myself. Everyone has things that they have gone through and there’s power in showing your vulnerable side. The reason why I share these stories is all about the intention. Shift focus way from yourself and onto the people that you could help by sharing the stories. Your story will be inspirational. Don’t worry about what others will think, worry what will happen to someone if you don’t educate them to change their life.

92 – Constantly Raise the Bar

Rather than looking at what your competition is doing, why not look at what you can do above and beyond what your competition is doing? When you focus on the needs of your clients and helping them fill the gaps they have, you’ll notice magical things start happening to your business. Raise the bar higher than everything else you see, and don’t get bogged down worried about seeing others around you. Just stay focused on being the best you can be at that time. Learn more, break through more yourself, and then teach it.

93 – Help Solve it, Even if YOU Can’t

Leading on from the last tip, if a prospect / client has a concern but you can’t solve it yourself, pull in some resources from the people you know to help them. When they feel like you’re helping them, they’ll see you very differently from the competition. Especially with weight loss, it’s a lot to do with the self-talk people have in addition to the exercise and nutrition. Are you covering this with your clients or are you getting frustrated that they are not doing what you ask. If you ask yourself, ‘why are they not doing what I ask?’ then you can look to find a solution to help them… Maybe you need to pull in another expert?

94 – What Others Think of You

It’s no business of yours what others think and it should not control your life. They will think what they think, you can’t influence it but you can let it control you. Chances are you’re worried about the very people that won’t even be paying you. Ask yourself, what are you REALLY worried about? Being judged, laughed at? Where does that come from? This controls most people’s lives. Think beyond yourself and to those you’re serving instead of focusing on yourself. Feel the resistance and push though. Go and do what you know needs to be done.

95 – Speeding up the Buying Cycle

Everybody is in a different cycle of buying but it changes daily based on the mood they are in. You can accelerate the process of someone investing in your services and ‘move them up the ladder’ by adding more value, touching their lives, creating results in advance and making them aware of things in their life that they need to change. The quicker you implement these actions the quicker you’ll build your business. The clients you THINK right now won’t become clients, will if you stick with it and not just seek those who want it ‘NOW’. Did you know that 15% of those that go into your email list may be interested now but the rest need some time to be nurtured?

96 – Sort out Your Numbers

What’s your conversion rate of lead to sale, how much does it cost you to acquire a customer? What are your squeeze page opt in rates? If you don’t know your numbers you’re building your business blind. Small changes to your numbers can result in huge increases, and by setting benchmark standards to improve on you’ll really be able to turn up the gears. If this isn’t your strong point then get help working them out.

97 – Optimise Everything

Following on from 96, once you have a baseline, you can optimise. Let’s say for example that you’re closing 1/5 of the people you speak to but with a new twist on your sales strategy you’re closing 1/3. Then what happened if your average first sale went from say £300 upto £1000. If you do the math on JUST these two, over the course of a year your fitness business breakthrough would be huge. This is what I’m constantly looking at and you should be too.

98 – Are They 100% Committed? Get Them to Write it Down

There’s a difference between someone who really wants it versus someone who is 100% committed to reaching their goals. If you get a client to write what they want down on a piece of paper and sign it, this will change the dynamic of the relationship and training. This is great to do at the point of sale. My clients have been doing this and getting great results in combination with the sales system I teach. Try it.

99 – Tackle Your Biggest Challenge First

What is your biggest struggle right now? The one thing that stands out in your head that is holding you back? That thing that you keep on telling yourself, or really niggles you daily? Focus on solving that and put so much energy into it, find the right person to help you, study, find out from others who have overcome it, because it’s likely to keep on pulling your business from its optimum growth. That will also affect you personally.

100 – Upsells

An upsell is when you sell a product but then offer another product immediately after the first sale. This is a way to instantly boost your income with no additional cost of marketing. I guarantee there’s another level of service or something else you could offer your client now that would really serve them and get them quicker results but you’re not offering it.

101 – Repeat Your Best Fitness Business Tips

Often times we forget to reuse strategies that have worked before because we simply forget them. When something works, create a ‘swipe file’ so that you can use it again and again. Revisit this post and keep on top of your business, it can go to amazing places if you let it!

Well, that wasn’t the quickest post to write, but I sincerely hope you got a lot from it.

I would love if you could SHARE the post with any FitPros you know who could benefit, to help them grow and serve more people. If you’re someone who has read this and thought… “I want that guy on my side holding my hand to success”, then click here to apply for mentorship.

Next step… comment below and let me know which 3-5 of these resonated with you the most and which you think will be most useful for your business…. GO!




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