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Behind The Scenes On The Fitpreneurs Video Set

When you do a free video series, or you are putting together any kind of content, it has to be engaging, have valuable content and deliver real results to the audience. A great way to tie all three of these together is to create a great environment for your content creation.

For the Fitpreneur videos, for example, we have a lot of different sets we use. This is because people like variety.

When you are entertaining or putting out content, it is great to create value in different settings. I make a conscious effort for including certain things like a podcast microphone, a custom Fitpreneurs painting for a backdrop, a tool of some sort for writing in big and bold letters in case I need to write a message that coincides with the audience, and more.

Creating A Fun Video Set Helps Your Content Stick

The first rule for doing any kind of squeeze page video, or anything where someone needs to put their name and email address in, is creating energy.

If your energy is not engaging, it is not going to be interesting! You have to take your energy up a few notches because when it is being filmed on camera, it will come across as a normal level of energy. Remember: Energy and posture.

What is the second thing a great video, or piece of content, needs to have? Great content!

You need to provide value toward what your audience cares most about. This is the perfect time to survey and ask your audience what really means the most to them.

If you want to hear the third important thing you need for great content, watch the short video above!

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