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Get The Fundamentals Of Coaching Online Before You Try Shiny Objects

Have you ever worked with a client who wants to do all of the ‘fancy’ stuff, or is always trying the latest diet fad, and you just find it hard for them to stick to the fundamentals that you have given them?

Urgh! 🙁

I can remember when this happened to me.

In fact, there was this one guy who I used to train, and I would ask him to do all of the basic moves, and he would flat out refuse.

I had to let him go… sometimes you have to do that and stick to being the expert.

Today I want to talk about some fundamentals that will be really important for you in 2018, especially if you’re thinking of upping your online game.

Online Shiny Object Syndrome…

While I really love new marketing strategies, social media tricks and exciting new ways to make my Instagram and Facebook stories pop out, just like working with any new fitness or nutrition client, you have to get the fundamentals down first, right?

This is where you start to take a lot of the overwhelm of running an online business and getting more clients, with something that is setup in a way where once you put the main building blocks down, THEN you can start to add the bells and whistles to optimize your performance.

High performance in your fitness business AND your personal life is where I want to get you.

So let’s do this real quick, it will help you moving forward!

The Online Fundamentals Exercise…

Okay so let’s first look at four critical areas of your new online coaching business that will give you more of that freedom you are looking for.

1. Pricing

Price conditioning is something that has to be shifted if you want to scale an online coaching business, and a lot of that will come from tip four. Right now, write down your current online pricing for whatever you are selling online (if you are not, put down a number you would want to sell for).

Next up, write down the price that scares you and you feel someone wouldn’t pay. For example. Right now you may be selling 1-1 nutrition plans for $100. You feel that $1000 is the amount you want to charge, but you feel nobody would pay it. Write that down. You will need it in a moment.

Also ask this question, ‘WHY DOES IT SCARE ME TO CHARGE THIS?’

2. Time

One of the biggest challenges that MOST business owners face is time management and when you start an online business, if you get this wrong and don’t setup the business in the correct way you can cause yourself a massive problem. You work with clients 1-1 and you end up zapped of energy.

So now write down how many online clients you have, or if you don’t have any, write down your desired amount of clients.

Also write down how many hours of service delivery you want to do per month.

However, I also want you to write down your target MONTHLY profit for next 12 months. Write these two numbers down.

3. Sales

This is the most important area to focus on, especially if you want to be a high performing business owner. Once you become a sales rockstar, everything can change, and that, in all honesty is about learning the right process and system that fits with your personality. If sales are a bit off for you, it’s because we need to make some tweaks, or introduce a whole new script and sales system.

Now write down your average closing percentage. Ie, if you spoke to 10 people, how many would you sign up for your online coaching program?

4. Confidence

Lack of self worth kills a business owners and this is one of the biggest reasons many people don’t jump online. Fear!

Once you have a mindset shift and start to believe in yourself more, you will notice everything changes. So now write down your self confidence on a scale of 1-10. 1 being low, 10 being super high.

Now you should have these numbers…

1. Price you are currently charging or want to charge.
2. Price that scares you (super important for growth)
3. How many hours of service delivery per month?
4. How many online clients do you have?
5. What’s your desired monthly profit (that would be life changing) in next 12 months?6. Current closing percentage.

Just write all of these down on paper, and send them to and i’ll take a look.

This will give you a super great baseline to start from…

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