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I Had Bestselling Diet Book But I Couldn’t Even Sell My Online Services 1-1 For $100

One of the biggest challenges I hear from both personal training and nutrition experts is a huge frustration around knowledge vs income. Maybe you’re the same?

You know your stuff, but you’re not paid for it. You want to work with clients online but you’re charging rock bottom prices because of certain beliefs you have about what people will pay for ‘online PT’ or ‘online meal plans’.

There is a massive opportunity online, but the challenge with scaling a business is that if you don’t address some key areas first, you will have a problem gaining momentum. This is where I was when I released the Lunch Box Diet back in 2009.

I generated a big book deal, but I didn’t even have the confidence or self worth to charge beyond $100 for my services.

This is what I address in today’s video… – when you’ve watched it click here to check out the online training I put together with Anna Marsh on how she went to $30,568 in her nutrition business online and traveled all over the world doing it.




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