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Discover The Dirty Topic That Took Nutrition Expert Lorsia’s Video Viral To 2.5 Million Views

It was at the recent Platinum Influencers Mastermind in San Diego where my six and seven high performance fitness business owners got together to discuss how to get to the next level in their businesses.

One of the most powerful sessions of the three days was a 90 minute conversation where these business owners shared what has worked for them best in 2017.

Here is a super powerful clip from that session and below you can see the video Lorisa is talking about.

Lorisa started off in our Nutrition Mastery online coaching program and catapulted into the Platinum Mastermind in less than 8 weeks. Incredible growth which you can see the full interview about at the bottom of this page.

One of the shares was from Lorisa Leigh from Philadelphia, she revealed the topic that went viral to help build her audience.

At the time of writing this blog post, the video has 2.5 million views, 25k likes, 24k shares and 7.5k comments.

The video went viral pretty quickly.

The Headline 

5 Foods That Make You Poop and Prevent Toxicity

When I was back in the UK, there was a woman on TV a lot called Gillian McKeith. Her whole show revolved around poop. She would have it on camera, prod it, talk about it and discuss nutrition surrounding it. This show was always a hit.


Because it’s a topic that’s super important to health, but nobody wants to talk about openly.

Poop is a funny word. It breaks your pattern of normal, bland headlines and stands out. I can almost assure you that if you sent an email with the subject line of just ‘Poop’ it would get a far bigger open rate than most of your others.

Or something like

How’s your poop [firstname]?


WARNING: Poop Inside

I just laughed out loud writing that. Ha ha!

The key to a successful headline, whether you’re writing a subject line or video title can really pop or plop (sorry!) based on how curious you make the title.

The other thing worth mentioning is that Lorisa is confident on camera and she has been boosting her posts to build her audience. She is also consistent with her content and testing new ideas to see what woks.

Let’s delve a little deeper into viral content…

According to Buzzfeed’s Publisher Dao Nguyen in her TED talk, there are a few other components that really help content go Viral, including creating anticipation and the unexpected.

Have a look at the list below and see which category and categories you think Lorisa’s video fits into.

Once she plugged in the Nutrition Mastery online formula, this is where everything started to shift for her financially. You can see in this video she’s still working as a nurse. It was when she implemented what myself and Anna Marsh taught her when the momentum really happened, you can check out the free nutrition business training we put together here which is exactly what got Lorisa started in her path to $30k in 5 weeks (see below).

Optimizing Videos – What To Do When Your Facebook Videos Go Viral

While most people don’t like checking data and stats, Facebook Insights via your business page manager can give you a huge insights into the videos that are gaining more traction.

You then want to have a think about how to maximize that content.

Let’s say that your video gets lots more traction than others. The next sensible move would be to review the video, and put together a specific lead generation offer to start building your email list. If you don’t have a URL on the video, go and edit it and make sure you add links into the comments and in the description.

You can then head into Facebook Ads manager and put some ad spend behind the post, link it to your opt in page and notice and track what happens.

While producing new content in your business is totally valid, try not to make the mistake of optimizing what you already have.

I often tell my clients this… you must leverage all the content that gets traction and have spreadsheets for what has worked and what hasn’t. Truth is, we don’t like to do this work but it’s some of the best time you will spend.

What if you knew what headlines worked best, or what pain points your audiences used more than others. This would help you to focus on more than works and spend less time on wastage.

To learn more about Lorisa’s success watch the video below as she talks about going from a nurse earning $2,000 per month and $300 in her business to $30k in just 5 weeks. And if you’re ready to become a high performing Fitpreneur simply click here to start the process of changing more lives!


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