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How 6 Personal Trainers Quit Their Full Time Job in 6 Days

It was the most liberating experience when I sat there writing my resignation letter to the publishing company I had been working for years ago.

While I’m grateful for the work, the friends I made and fun I had, what made me quit was the person I was working for. They were pretty rude to me and other staff, they didn’t praise me for the ideas and growth I provided the company and it got to one day and I had enough, I started the search for a new job.

In fact, research has showed that both a crappy boss and failure to see growth are two of the biggest reasons why most people quit their jobs.

I was about 19 at the time and I got myself a job working from home for an online company paying three times more with only around 1-2 hours of work per day required from me.

This was years and years before I finally became a personal trainer, directly before a big crash in my life that saw me living back with my parents, losing my girlfriend and desperate to start a new career that I loved.

It was then, at one of the lowest points of my life that my parents asked me “what do you want to do now?” followed by “you love going to a gym, what about becoming a personal trainer?”

The search started, I had found Premier Personal Training and, at the time, they were running courses in Cyprus. My mum and dad kindly loaned me the money to go and kickstart a new career and there I was learning how to become a personal trainer. When I returned, everything changed. I was happy, motivated and ready to change lives.

I picked up 7 clients in my first week from pure enthusiasm! I can remember telling my first client “yeah I’m pretty busy but I will see if I can fit you in”… as I flicked through my empty diary.

So I totally get what it’s like to be in a job you don’t like, with a boss you fear, not feeling like you’re moving forward and having a deeper calling for something else.

If you’re reading this then your passion is to help change people’s lives, but you’re most likely stuck in your full-time job and have no clear direction on how you’ll go full time and start having a great impact.

In this post, I’m going to lay out for you some simple steps, the same ones that helped 6 personal trainers quit their jobs in 6 days. This was after a series of events that I held in Bath, UK before I headed to live in San Diego here in California.

Watch Me Help Shane Quit His Full Time Job LIVE!

Grab a pen and paper because I don’t want you to just read this and do nothing, it’s important that you take part in the exercises.

STEP 1: What Is Your Key Fear?

The first thing you want to do is identify the key fear that is holding you back and put that on a sheet of paper on a left column. This could be something like.

I won’t make the money that I currently do to pay my bills

I won’t get enough clients

I won’t be good enough as a full-time trainer

I need more experience before jumping ship

I will lose everything

I’m going to fail

You must come up with the dominating thought that keeps on coming up again and again in your mind.

Then you need to create three or four opposites in the right column. For example, if your thought is ‘I fear that I won’t get enough clients’, on the right column you put…

I will get more clients than I can handle

I will be full very quickly

I will have to turn people away 

I will be heavily in demand 

What we need to do is flood your brain and overload it with positives instead of negatives because right now if you’re telling yourself ‘I won’t get enough clients’ that’s exactly what you will get. I can guarantee that by now you’ve convinced yourself of this.

But it’s simply not true. It’s a lie. It’s a bullshit story that has been created by your mind to stop you from growing and you have to take back firm, powerful control.

STEP 2: Identify Specifics 

This step is very important because it’s going to make you realize how crazy it is to stay in your current job and how much you’re missing out on.

First write down how much PER MONTH you earn from your current job that we need to replace with a personal training business.

Now write down how many HOURS per month you are working in your full or part time job.

Let’s use this as an example. You’re earning $2500 in your full-time job and you are working 100 hours to make that $2500.

Now For The Breakthrough

Okay so now this is where it gets fun.

Just let me ask you this question: How productive could you be with 100 extra hours on your hands? How much more energy would you have if you didn’t have the stress of your current job?

You see, to make $2500 from personal training is pretty easy, especially if you’re using our coaching program where we can teach you how to sell $997 to $10k packages, UP FRONT. That would mean at a low level selling just three 12 week packages per month to make the money you need, but even if you didn’t get coaching, wouldn’t it be pretty hard to not make that money if you just told everyone what you did who you encountered?

You see, you CAN QUIT NOW and if you did, you would put yourself under great pressure to have to make it work. You would make it work if you overcame your fear and decided to go all out to get clients and with help from us we could make you a huge success.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for what happens if you quit your job today if you decide to take action from this post.

But What If Something Bad Did Happen?

Let’s take the WORST CASE SCENARIO. Let’s say you quit your job today and you did absolutely nothing, you sat on your sofa, you watched TV or played video games and as a result, nobody invested with you.

Could you go back to your old job?

Could you get a new job?

Would you be on the streets?

Would you die?

You see, the truth is that we hate making uncomfortable changes in our lives, but if you want to be a true Fitpreneur then you have to do what most are not willing to do.

So the question is how much longer are you going to stay, unhappy, not changing lives, moaning about your current situation.

Of course, to get the best success in your personal training career, you are going to want to be coached all the way to your income goal, so click here if you’re serious about wanting to invest in becoming super successful in the industry. We’ve helped many, many trainers quit their full-time jobs and become very successful and we’d like you to be of those.

It goes without saying you will have a much higher rate of success if you learn everything you need to know about growing your fitness business while in your transition into full-time freedom.

Please post in the comments below if this post has been useful for you and please share it with any personal trainer you know that’s stuck in a job that they would rather be out of because there are lots of lives that need to be changed. If you quit, we would LOVE to know!

In the meantime check out this awesome case study!




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