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So we both thought that we would put together and constantly build out for you a resources list so that you could benefit from the tools we use to build our businesses.
We have made a special point here of not sharing anything that we haven’t used ourselves and actually made some ££ from.

AFFILIATE NOTE: Please note that if you make a purchase, we may financially benefit from a commission which directly goes into our pockets to pay for the production of the podcast!



Why we love it:

Lead pages easily allows you to create lead capture pages (squeeze pages), landing pages, webinar pages, ebook page, and most brilliantly it also shows you the conversion rate of those pages so you can see if you need to improve.



Why we love it:

We’re a big fan of what James has done with this product, it allows you to create awesome web sites that have marketing power. Simon’s web site was developed using Optimise Press and that’s awesome so we recommend OP2.



Why we love it:

GoTo Webinar has been one of the leaders in webinar technology since the early days. It certainly isn’t without it’s occasional faults, but we still love it and Simon still uses it for all of his current webinar shiz.



Why we love it:

The new boy on the block, webinar jam uses the power of google hangouts to create awesome webinars with brilliant marketing actions that can really boost turning your content into cash. Well worth looking at this awesome platform.



Why we love it:

It’s the complete A-Z Facebook Marketing training, so if you’re wanting to get super good at bringing in leads using this platform, this is a brilliant training!



Why we love it:

If you want to sharpen your tools in the facebook world then Amy Poterfield’s training is one of the best on the market, constantly updated, she’ll help you turn fans into buyers and spark more engagement on your fan page a Paris Hilton selfie. Okay, maybe that’s a lie! Seriously though, do a selife :-)



Why we love it:

It’s a great FREE tool for you to manage all of your ideas, notes and generally collect cool shit that you can go back to at any time, on any device. A great way to organise yourself, in this clutter filled world.



Simon uses this religiously with clients and mapping out projects. Its basically mind map software that is great for dumping everything out of your head to explore new ideas or create creative plans.



Before every podcast, we set up one of these google documents, share it with each other and then edit on screen and each of us can see the document being updated. We can share then the link and off we go. This is a great way of working and saves time on emailing documents.



Why we love it:

Upload your design brief, wait for designers to come and design your project and hey presto you can select some finalists and only pay if you love your new design. A great resource. Our advice is spend as much as you can to get the best quality designers.

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