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2 steps to a sale

Two Steps To A Sale

I want to talk about offers! Before I delve deeper, did you know that it takes Two steps to make a sale, very rarely do you make the sale on the first attempt or first contact. Are you putting out offers? If you are not you really should start doing it, and if you are


Periscope 101 With Simon Lovell

There’s a lot to love about the sensational social media platform Periscope. Simon Lovell goes over the reasons why fitpreneurs like you should start using Periscope and how exactly can you benefit from it. He also demonstrates how to create a live episode, detailing the step-by-step process and highlighting the best practices that will guide


Wesley Chapman: The Power Of Mindset – Get Authentic, Get Aligned

A very powerful episode is now up in this week’s podcast! Our guest, Wesley Chapman of A Human Project talks about tapping on the power of mindset, being real and being honest in order to make a difference. Be inspired from Wesley’s story and the journey of the people he has helped and learn how


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